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SendQuick Connect - solusi Push Email untuk Perusahaan

SendQuick Connect is a plug-and-play mobile messaging gateway for Enterprise to extend the messaging and groupware function of MS Exchange and Lotus Notes to all mobile phones.

Singapore company developed world first appliance based messaging gateway (using SMS) for mobile enterprise (using MS Exchange and Lotus Notes)

SINGAPORE, JUNE 2005: TalariaX, the developer of appliance based SMS gateway is releasing a new appliance based messaging gateway called sendQuick Connect at the CommunicAsia2005. SendQuick Connect is the world's first appliance and SMS based messaging gateway that will connect seamlessly to both Microsoft Exchange (Exchange) and Lotus Notes, the two most popular groupware in the world. It is suitable for enterprise who wish to have an easy-to-deploy, plug-and-play mobile messaging gateway that can work with their existing email system and requires minimal investment cost.

SendQuick Connect encompasses most of the key features of sendQuick product range. This include p…