Monitoring a KEMP LoadMaster Using PRTG

Monitoring a KEMP LoadMaster Using PRTG: A Detailed How To Guide There are a lot of solutions to choose from that does load management and security for services, in this article we will be looking at Kemp Loadmaster. KEMP Technologies offers “KEMP Loadmaster”, which, as the name implies, balances application loads between web servers. Their product offering includes both virtual and hardware appliances. The virtual offering supports most hypervisors and cloud deployment, and they have hardware appliances of varying sizes to support larger loads.
iVirtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of something like computer hardware. It involves using specialized software to create a virtual or software-created version of a computing resource rather than the actual version of the same resource. Read more ...
One of the great things about the KEMP, like PRTG, is that there's a free version available for download. You can download a virtual appliance and run it in your virtual…

Monitoring Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi with PRTG

Monitoring Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi with PRTG: Total Insight into UniFi Environments Ubiquiti Networks offers a range of wireless hardware and software for enterprise WiFi and operator WiMAX wireless data communication. In this article, we’ll explain how to monitor Ubiquiti’s UniFi WiFi systems using PRTG. One way to monitor each of your UniFi access points is with PRTG’s standard SNMP sensors together with Ubiquiti’s private MIB files. This lets you monitor each access point in depth, giving you insight into any data available in the MIB file. iSNMP stands for Simple Network Monitoring Protocol. Its usefulness in network administration comes from the fact that it allows information to be collected about network-connected devices in a standardized way across a large variety of hardware and software types. SNMP is a protocol for management information transfer in networks, for use in LANs especially, depending on the chosen version. Read more ...
However, monitoring single access points via SN…

Solusi Akses Aplikasi dan Data dengan Awingu

Salah satu tantangan yang saya temui belakangan ini adalah banyaknya permintaan dari customer untuk tetap bisa mengakses aplikasi serta data files mereka secara nyaman dengan berbagai perangkat yang user miliki, tanpa batasan tempat. Ya, isu mobilitas telah menjadi faktor utama, terutama bagi yang tinggal dan beraktifitas di Jakarta dan sekitarnya. Kehidupan metropolis yang sibuk, jam kerja kantor yang lebih panjang, serta kemacetan yang terus terjadi membuat banyak perusahaan mencari solusi untuk bisa memaksimalkan potensi dan kinerja karyawannya dari mana saja. Tetapi beragam solusi yang ada sekarang terkait dengan Bring Your Own Device semua miliki kendala , pertama, umumnya perangkat dimiliki oleh karyawan, sehingga tidak mau dan mudah dipasang dan dikontrol oleh aplikasi Mobile Device Management yang ada. Dan perangkat yang mereka miliki sangat beragam type dan merek, sehingga solusi MDM dan BYOD yang ada menjadi sangat kompleks dan mahal. Kedua, perusahaan tetap kuatir apabila…

Awingu - solusi akses data dan aplikasi Rumah Sakit

Awingu merupakan solusi yang baik untuk mengakses aplikasi dan data di rumah sakit dengan cara mudah, hanya dengan menggunakan HTML5 Browser.

Awingu bukan merupakan Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, melainkan cara baru mengakses aplikasi dan data yang tersedia di kantor / pusat data dengan cara mudah.

Berikut salah satu customer pengguna Awingu dari Hospital Industry

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Happy birthday PRTG

Happy birthday PRTG
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4 Reasons Why Log Management is Key to CyberSecurity

The Blame Game: Identifying The Culprit During Security Incident ResponseBy  1014 0 After a serious IT security incident is discovered, the priority is to shut it down and recover quickly in a cost-effective manner. However, management will want to find the root of the problem so that they have a place to point the finger, but this is often easier said than done. Security incidents require a time and labor-intensive investigation to uncover cybercrime techniques and sift through massive amounts of data. Incidents that involve a privileged account prove to be even more challenging as authorized insiders or external hackers who have hijacked credentials can modify or delete logs to cover their tracks. Sophisticated and well-funded cyber criminals often target privileged accounts because they hold the keys to the kingdom, allowing criminals to steal data on a massive scale, disrupt critical infrastructure and install malware. Under the guise of privileged users, attackers …

5 Strategi Efektif Hyperconvergence (Gartner)

Five Keys to Creating an Effective Hyperconvergence StrategyFOUNDATIONALRefreshed: 06 February 2017 | Published: 29 October 2015 ID: G00292684 Analyst(s): Summary The true value proposition in hyperconverged systems is often missed in evaluations because of excessive hype among vendors. Here's a framework that I&O leaders can use that cuts through the hype. Overview Key FindingsIT leaders are inundated by what hyperconvergence means and the potential benefits, often by hype from the vendors. The integrated system — contrary to its identification with simplicity — actually puts a heavy burden of complexity on IT leaders who make strategic infrastructure decisions for IT corporate services, operations and development. Hyperconvergence expands the variety of choices available to IT leaders, but may add complexity and confusion about what claims of simplicity and flexibility mean to you specifically. Five key attributes can enable planners to cut through the hype and ma…