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How the NetFlow protocol monitors your WAN

How the NetFlow protocol monitors your WAN
Tom Lancaster
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NetFlow technology is a method of switching that collects an extraordinary amount of information about the traffic passing through routers, switches and other network devices. This information has myriad uses -- from monitoring users and applications to trending and network planning. You can also do traffic engineering with it. It is even detailed enough to use for accounting and billing. Most important for some is that the information can be extremely useful for diagnosing those difficult, intermittent performance problems, and it can help you sort out DDoS/worm issues where traditional tools are overwhelmed with tons of traffic going in all directions. To be clear, what we're talking about here is the NetFlow protocol that's used to transfer the information about your network traffic from the network devices to a server that collects and stores the data. The server is …

Gartner outlined its top 10 strategic technology areas for 2008 and many roads lead to service oriented architecture.

October 9th, 2007Gartner’s top 10 technologies for 2008: SOA precursors; fabric computing; Real world Web; WOAGartner outlined its top 10 strategic technology areas for 2008 and many roads lead to service oriented architecture.The top 10 is off to the right and there aren’t any huge surprises. Who didn’t see green IT and virtualization being listed? But what’s notable are all of the SOA precursors to be found. Business process modeling (No. 3), metadata management (No. 4), mashups and composite apps (No. 6) and Web platforms (No. 7) all add up to SOA down the road. All of those aforementioned items need to be done as large companies adopt SOA. What’s notable here is that Gartner’s list is focused on 2008. If you assume everyone in this packed room at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando runs back to the office to implement these technologies (fat chance) mass SOA adoption should come sometime in 2009 or 2010.“SOA isn’t on the list because we are looking at some of the implementation…

Going green tops Gartner's 2008 IT trends list

Going green tops Gartner's 2008 IT trends listPosted by Chris Hynes at 12:41PM, Thursday 11th October 2007Shifting to "Green IT" and unified communications are next year's top two trends, according to analyst Gartner.

Environmentally-friendly "Green IT" will continue to be at the forefront of businesses' strategies next year, according to analyst Gartner who this week revealed the top 10 trends and technologies it believes will be key in 2008 and beyond. Potential "green" regulations could further constrain companies from expanding data centres and the impact of power grids and carbon emissions are under constant scrutiny, meaning that the pressure to get and stay green is only set to increase.Gartner has previously claimed that the manufacturing, transportation and use of IT equipment causes roughly two per cent of the world's carbon emissions, on a par with the aviation industry.Although the issue has been widely highlighted, and many org…

SaaS ERP gains ground in large IT shops

SaaS ERP gains ground in large IT shopsHerman Mehling, Contributor
01.02.2008The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is quickly growing in some
enterprise software markets (notably customer relationship management),
but it's been slow to gain traction in ERP. Until now, that is.More on SaaS
Large firms weigh SaaS as NetSuite goes publicFor years, SaaS has been popular with small and medium-sized businesses
(SMBs), where vendors such as Intaact Corp. and NetSuite Inc. have been
successful in addressing simpler computing needs and environments,
compared with those of large enterprises. The generic SaaS model has
numerous cost benefits, including no up-front costs, no licensing fees
and rapid, easy deployment. Many SMB CIOs have moved their
mission-critical apps to a SaaS model to reap these benefits -- and now
large-enterprise CIOs are following suit."The ability to adopt on-demand services on a pay-as-you-go basis is a
perfect sourcing strategy for businesses seekin…

Google Alert - ITIL

Google News Alert for: ITIL Arab Academy and ITpreneurs conduct first ITIL Foundation V3 ...
Al-Bawaba - Amman,Jordan
The Arab Academy for Microsoft Technologies, a fully-owned STS company, partnered with ITpreneurs to conduct the first ITIL Foundation Version 3 training ...
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Google Alert - Infrastructure Management

Google News Alert for: Infrastructure Management L&T taps Travelers of US for non-life insurance foray
Economic Times - Gurgaon,Haryana,India
This year, L&T Infrastructure Finance has begun funding core sector projects. Sources said L&T’s huge thrust on infrastructure is expected to provide ...
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This contrarian approach to traffic management, known as shared space, is gaining a foothold in Europe. Towns in the Netherlands, Denmark, Britain and Belgium have tossed out their traffic lights and stop signs in a bid to reclaim their ...
Orphan Road - Documenting Seattle's... - 2008 predictions
By Mark Watson, author and consultant(Mark Watson, author and consultant)
New web based applications will continue the upwards trend to outsourcing infrastructure to Amazon (EC2, S3, SimpleDB), Google (GData, applications), etc. Pressure to reduce IT costs …