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Mengakses Aplikasi Web secara Offline dengan Google Gears

Dengan menggunakan aplikasi Google Gears, maka kita dapat membuat
aplikasi berbasis web dapat digunakan secara offline.Salah satu contohnya adalah aplikasi ZOHO WRITER. Dengan langkah mudah,
cukup mengakses, kita mendaftarkan diri di website tersebut.Kemudian, silahkan pilih aplikasi yang kita kehendaki. Untuk kemampuan
offline word processor, maka silahkan pilih Zoho Writer. Pilih Go
Offline. Maka secara otomatis akan mendownload Google Gears.exe.Setelah aplikasi terinstall, maka browser yang kita gunakan diminta
untuk direstart. Browser di restart, dan kita mulai dapat menggunakan
Zoho Writer secara offline.Tulisan ini dibuat dengan menggunakan mode tersebut. Setelah kita
selesai mengetik, maka dengan mudah, kita memilih kembali modus Go
Online untuk mengupdate file yang telah kita buat.FC

AdventNet Web NMS Application - Mediation Solution

Executive Summary In today’s intensely competitive market, Service Providers are looking to enhance the profitability of their business by cutting-down on Capital and Operational Expenditures. To achieve such cost cutting measures, Service Providers are implementing end-to-end integration of B/OSS systems. However, integration implementation is not trivial, as networks are by nature hybrid making such integration complex and difficult to achieve. Realizations within the Service Providers have drawn the conclusion that a number of disparate adapters are required to integrate network elements and element managers with their B/OSS systems. Nevertheless adaptation brings a set of issues such as proprietary implementations, limited use of standards, conformance issues, etc. that provides a limited solution to this challenge. Consolidation of information that unifies various sources through mediation between diverse equipments/systems communicating diverse protocols while hiding its complexi…

OpManager + Firewall Analyzer

AdventNet Inc., the provider of enterprise IT management software
announced that the latest version of ManageEngine OpManager, the number
one network monitoring solution, now supports integration with the
latest version of ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer, a globally recognized
firewall log analysis and reporting solution. Integrating OpManager with
Firewall Analyzer allows network administrators to monitor their
Server's Security, Traffic, & Bandwidth utilization in depth. "By integrating Firewall Analyzer with OpManager, customers can now
get in-depth visibility into server usage and traffic patterns using
pre-built reports based on Firewall logs," said Girish Mathrubootham,
Director - Product Management at AdventNet Inc. OpManager is a complete network monitoring software that offers
combined WAN, server, applications monitoring with integrated help desk,
asset management & WAN traffic analysis functionality. OpManager
automates several network monitoring …

The Real Niel: ITIL versus MOF

Niel Nickolaisen, Contributor
Rating: -4.00- (out of 5)/(Editor's note: CIO Niel Nickolaisen's popular column that ran in / CIO
Decisions Magazine /now appears monthly on and
distributed via e-newsletters. Nickolaisen's last published column on
the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
was one of his best, and he continues his ITIL reality report in his
online debut.)/Niel Nickolaisen
Niel NickolaisenI love ITIL … I just don't use it anymore.Please let me explain. I have spent much of my IT career in turnaround
assignments: Someone decides that IT needs to be "fixed" -- and I'm the
fixer. This is grueling work. I often need to repair the IT/business
relationship while improving methods and practices, all while keeping
the wheels moving. The net result of this is that I am a very
high-mileage IT practitioner.In my first turnaround role,…

Midmarket slow to adopt ITIL v3

ITIL gets a refresh. Does the middle market care? Maybe.
Last summer the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) released a new version
of its best practices framework, dubbed version 3. Published by Great
Britain's Office of Government Commerce (OGC), ITIL v3 has been touted
as a huge leap forward in making IT services cheaper, more efficient and
vital to the business."The refresh has transformed the guidance from providing a great service
to being the most innovative and best in class," ITIL itself promised.
"At the same time, the interface between old and new approaches is
seamless so that users do not have to reinvent the wheel when adopting it."But analysts say the actual reception to v3 by CIOs has been more muted
than you'd expect from such a purported big advance.
"There was a lot of hullabaloo and talk about the release, but it's
really been very quiet," says Simon Mingay, an analyst at Gartner Inc.
in Stamford, Conn. "At the same time, a…