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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Selamat utk Bank BRI Otista

Bank Rakyat Indonesia menggunakan produk finosMDS sebagai produk informasi Suku Bunga dan Kurs, disamping dilengkapi dengan tampilan Multimedia (video berbagai produk BRI) dan running text.

OpUtils - have you try it ??


Greetings from AdventNet.

I would like to introduce OpUtils, a real-time Network Monitoring toolset from the ManageEngine family. It complements existing Network Monitoring Software with the following features:

1. Get the MAC Address of the devices using the IP Address or the vice versa. - MAC Address Resolver/Scan
2. Find the list of used and available IP Addresses in your network. - IP Address Manager
3. Map the switch ports and the devices connected to each of the ports - Switch Port Mapper
4. Take back-up of the configuration, compare configuration between startup and running configs, compare configuration details between different devices, upload configurations to the Cisco Switches and Routers - Config File Manager
5. Monitor the bandwidth usage of the individual interfaces of the switches/routers/ or any SNMP device. View the trends of usage and alert on max. usage - Bandwidth Monitor
6. Detect Rogue devices in the network - Rogue Detection
7. Boot machines from remote at specified intervals. - Wake on LAN
8. Perform all SNMP operations on any SNMP device - Trap Receiver, SNMP Graph, SNMP Walker, etc.
9. Monitor the critical devices in the network for its availability and alert on anomalies. - Network Monitor
10. & more...

You can download a free evaluation version from our website.

Should there be any queries or any specific requirements, please feel free to write to me.

Looking forward to your continued patronage.

Warm Regards,

Bob Smith
Marketing Analyst
Tel: +1 925 965 6385