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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update from ADVENTNET



The most awaited ServiceDesk version 7.5 has finally been released. This version of SDP has various advanced features and also comes with many enhancements on the existing features including performance and memory enhancements.

* With Multi Site Support, converge all the IT Helpdesks in your business units across buildings/countries to function as a single Helpdesk.
* Custom request forms allows you to create request templates for specific requests. This saves you from the trouble of creating or editing request forms for every new request.
* Scheduler feature helps the technicians to view their daily counts of incidents, problems, and change.
* Flash reports – SDP can now provide a consolidated view of all the different issues, categories, all the technicians involved, the status of each issue, the SLA status and so on in a single report sheet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



1. Mengerti menggunakan Komputer
2. Bersuara Menarik
3. Bersedia bekerja dalam Shift (termasuk Sabtu Minggu Libur)
4. Berdomisili di Jabotabek, bekerja di Jakarta Pusat
5. Kontrak 1 tahun

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