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Bravo IM2 Broadband 3.5G

Dengan bermodalkan pinjaman alat router ZTE MF 608 dari one of my best friend, saya mencoba jaringan IM2 utk koneksi Internet dengan 3.5G. Saya coba di kantor (Jakarta Pusat), luar biasa kecepatannya.

Kemudian pada malam hari, saya bawa ke rumah, di Bekasi, dan kembali hasil ping: 336ms, download: 364Kbps, upload: 293kbps.

Dengan biaya Rp.999.000 per bulan, ini benar2 hal yang menjanjikan utk project office yang mobile. Dan terpikir sudah oleh saya, beberapa hal yang dapat digunakan untuk menggunakan bandwidth ini. Tinggal apakah IM2 siap utk ini.

Bravo IM2!

10 Advertising Words to Avoid in 2009

Editor: Zoe Zhang
22 Dec 2008 09:44:57 GMT

Shun meaningless words like "a lot" and "guarantee" in your copy. It'll help you out a lot--we guarantee it.

The economy, unemployment, companies folding, people losing their homes--2008 has left consumers wary of businesses. And that lack of consumer confidence requires straightforward, honest advertising messages to regain marketplace security. In 2009, perhaps more than ever, the words you use in your copywriting can determine whether you make a sale or lose a customer.

Here are 10 words to avoid in your 2009 copywriting.

Ads that include messages about a free product or service promotions can work well during an economic downturn, but consumers need to see the products perform well. E-mail spam filters are tough on messages that include "free" in the subject line. While it might be tempting to use a subject line that says, "Open now to get your free widget," that's an e-mail spam filter red f…

Global economic downturn is picking up speed

Editor: Sharon Li
22 Dec 2008 07:01:16 GMT

By William L. Watts & Greg Robb

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The global economic downturn is gathering speed in Europe, Asia and the United States and while there is talk of a recovery in the second half of the year, it is far from a certainty, economists say.

The pace of the slowdown in China has come as a surprise to economists. The downturn in the European Union is now expected to hit all countries, not just the smaller countries like Spain, Italy and Greece.

And the United States seems set for the longest recession in the post-war era.

Most models see some pickup beginning after June. But the environment is not easy to forecast.

"The central fact is I don't think anyone knows how this will play out," said Martin Bailey, a former economic adviser to President Bill Clinton and now an analyst at the Brookings Institution.

Most annual forecasts are "notoriously wrong," said Steve Ricchiuto, chief economist at Mizuho Securit…

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