Monitor SAP CCMS and AS/400 iSeries Server with Applications Manager 8.6

Applications Manager 8.6 Released!

Applications Manager 8.6 is released with enhanced report generation and new features being added. These new features include

* AS400/iSeries Server
* LDAP Server
* DNS service
* FTP and SFTP service

Monitor and Manage AS400 iSeries Server

With the release of Applications Manager 8.6, you can now monitor the availability and performance IBM AS400 iSeries server. Through Applications Manager, you can not only monitor the status of the server, jobs running in the server, monitor spool’s metrics but also be able execute non-interactive commands through the Admin console. This provides you the ability to be able to identify any performance related issue quickly and troubleshoot it.

With 8.6 version, you can monitor the performance of vairous SAP components like SAP Business Intelligence (BI), SAP Customer Relation Manager (CRM), SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) etc using CCMS through Applications Manager web console.

You can now monitor each components

* Connection Time
* Performance Metrics
* Status and Log attributes

This allows user to effectively monitor these ERP services.
SAP CCMS Overview

SAP CCMS Overview

Generate Reports Faster

Applications Manager has now faster and more initiative report section which allows user to view reports and be able to generate them quickly. This report tab allows user view by various types thus giving better understanding to the number of monitors he/she configured using Applications Manager. The user can also view individual report of each monitor configured which helps the user to understand the performance trend of a particular monitor. Enhanced 7/30 reports also help the user in various ways to analyze and decipher the results quickly.