Sudah coba XenServer Citrix ??

XenServer Highlights

Transform your datacenter into a more dynamic server workload delivery center – free – with Citrix XenServer.

XenServer is based on Xen® – the open source hypervisor that’s supported by Intel, AMD, HP and more than forty other organizations.
XenServer is easy to deploy, and its wizard-based controls and advanced capabilities mean more servers per administrator and zero-downtime for upgrades.
XenMotion enables the live migration of any type of workload to any server with zero downtime and maximum resource utilization.
XenServer is ideal for I/O intensive workloads like Citrix XenApp™, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.

Citrix Essentials Highlights

With XenServer, you get unmatched enterprise-class features – for free. And when you’re ready for advanced virtualization management, just add Citrix Essentials for XenServer. By doing so, you’ll benefit from:

Automated lab management streamlines the process of building, testing, sharing and delivering throughout the application lifecycle, from development labs into the production environment.
Advanced storage integration featuring Citrix StorageLink™ technology exposes the advanced data and storage management features in today’s storage systems directly to a virtualized environment.
Dynamic provisioning services for on-demand deployment of workloads to any combination of virtual machines or physical servers from a single golden image.
Workflow orchestration for simplified scripting and automation of key management processes.
High availability for automatic restart and intelligent placement of virtual machines in case of failure of guest systems or physical servers.

Get started with XenServer – it's free!!