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Friday, May 08, 2009

Selamat kepada PT. Bank Chinatrust Indonesia

Kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas kepercayaan yang diberikan PT. Bank Chinatrust Indonesia yang telah mengimplementasikan ManageEngine Application Manager untuk monitoring aplikasi-aplikasinya.

What is Applications Manager?

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an availability and performance management software that helps businesses to ensure high availability and performance for their business applications. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides application server monitoring, database monitoring, server monitoring, web services monitoring and an array of other application management capability that will help IT administrators manage their resources.
How can ManageEngine Applications Manager help you?

ManageEngine Applications Manager helps you with a holistic view to your IT resources. It helps monitor the performance of various components of an application and helps troubleshooting production issues quickly. This helps reduce finger pointing and poor quality of service to end users. Additionally with ManageEngine Applications Manager, capacity planning and identifying root cause of performance issues becomes quicker.

ManageEngine Applications Manager also provides you with a business centric view to monitoring IT resources. This further helps aligning your IT resources to the needs of the business.
Why should you consider Applications Manager?

ManageEngine Applications Manager supports a heterogeneous application and server environment. This helps you meet most of your application performance monitoring needs with a single tool. It is a comprehensive tool that covers all leading Application servers, web servers, databases, systems and also provides mechanisms to include custom application monitoring.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ManageEngine IT360 Features

Managing mission critical business applications is now made easy through ManageEngine IT360. With agentless monitoring methodology, monitor your applications, servers and databases with ease. Agentless monitoring of your business applications enables you high ROI and low TOC. With integrated network monitoring and bandwidth utilization, quickly troubleshoot any performance related issue with your network and assign issues automatically with ITIL based ServiceDesk integration.
Business Service Management

* Add a Business Context to your IT Resources
* Define dependencies and improve Fault Management and SLA Management
* Reduce Application Support and Maintenance Costs
* Easy Troubleshooting

Business Service Management

Network Monitoring

* End-to-end Network infrastructure platform that offers advanced fault and performance management across WAN, VoIP services, network devices, and other IT infrastructure such as printers, UPS etc.
* Automatic discovery of network devices.
* Extensive list device and interface templates containing device configurations.

Network Monitoring

Server Availability and Monitoring
Server Monitoring

* Agentless approach to server monitoring
* Monitoring of server load, disk utilization, Processes, memory utilization, Disk I/O stats, server CPU utilization etc.
* Enables an IT administrator to identify whether a problem reported is caused by the underlying operating system or the application or a service.
* Capabilities include support for Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP UX etc.

Application Monitoring

* Provides in-depth monitoring of web applications, be it a CRM application, banking/finance application or any business critical application.
* Ensures the health and availability of your application servers through Microsoft .NET Monitoring, Oracle Application Server Monitoring, JBoss Monitoring, Tomcat Monitoring, WebLogic Monitoring, WebSphere Monitoring and SAP Perfomance Management.
* Ensures higher uptime by detecting and diagnosing problems of application servers and their services faster.

Application Performance Monitoring

Database Monitoring
Database Monitoring

* Monitors a heterogeneous database server environment that may consist of Oracle database, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2 and MySQL databases.
* Out-of-the box reports, DBAs can plan inventory requirements and troubleshoot incidents quickly.
* Keep tab on the database size, buffer cache size, database connection time

Bandwidth Monitoring

* Just direct NetFlow exports from your NetFlow-enabled devices to get the most detailed view of bandwidth usage across your network.
* View bandwidth usage patterns and generate reports across LAN and WAN links without having to deploy expensive hardware probes
* Provides an in-depth visibility into network traffic and its patterns.
* Gives business knowledge of real-time network behavior and how traffic impacts the network's overall health.

Web site Performance Monitoring

Automatic Ticketing of Performance issues
ITIL Based ServiceDesk

* Integrated service desk to manage all your communications from a single point.
* ITIL ready service desk that includes Incident management, Problem management, Change management & Configuration management Database(CMDB).
* Includes a Solutions (Knowledge Base) module that allows you to document best practices and solutions to common problems in an online knowledge base.
* Ability to convert the alerts arising out of the system as Incident in the Service Desk automatically.
* Automatically assign the incoming tickets to the concerned techician or technician group

Performance Reporting

* Simple interface with more canned reporting profiles.
* Report can be created off every attribute that is monitored.
* Scheduled and Automatic emailing of periodic reports.

Performance Reporting