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Improving your IT services

Step 1 - Painstorming
This step involves collecting, from as many sources as you can, "What I don't like about my IT services is ...". Use a broadcast email to elicit a good response. This is NOT your satisfaction survey, just a step along the way.

Step 2 - Rationalise
and prepare A small team should now review all the responses, and rationalise them - eliminate duplicates, reword where necessary, discard rude ones, etc., resulting in a maximum of 100 issues. Write each one onto a separate card (playing card size) and produce one set of cards for each person in the survey.

Step 3 - Select the survey group
Now you determine who you want to respond (ask someone with some statistical training for guidance on stratification) . Make sure you have a mixture of managers, users, and even IT staff. Don't make response optional. Get a senior manager to direct that the selected staff respond.

Step 4 - conduct the survey
Send the cards to the selected people. They now have to s…