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How To Translate PRTG 7 Into Other Languages

This article describes the process of creating new language files
required to run PRTG in other languages.
OverviewFor each translation a .lng file must be created. This file contains
about 5000 strings which are used by PRTG to render the user
interface. Paessler supplies a translation tool at the download link
Preparations * Download and install the current version of PRTG Network Monitor
as well as the PRTG Translation Tool.
* Locate PRTG's language subfolder in the installation folder (by
default C:\Program Files\PRTG Network Monitor\language\) and copy the
english.lng to a new directory (e.g. C:\users\yourname\translation\).
Duplicate english.lng and rename it to mylanguage.lng (of course you
can use "italian.lng", "czech.lng", or whatever your language is
* Please note that both your new mylanguage.lng file as well as
the file english.lng are required in this folder.
* Start the PRTG Translation Tool and open mylanguage.lng.
* Before you…