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10 reasons why Windows 7's XP Mode is a big deal

* Date: August 3rd, 2009
* Author: Brien Posey
* Category: 10 thingsWindows 7 features a new twist: XP Mode, which lets you run your
Windows XP apps without compatibility issues. Brien Posey explains why
XP Mode is significant and outlines its benefits.One of the most exciting Windows 7 features is Windows XP Mode. It
uses a brand new version of Virtual PC to provide seamless access to
Windows XP applications, either through a virtual Windows XP desktop
or directly through the Windows 7 desktop. Here's a look at some of
the benefits XP Mode offers.Note: This article is also available as a PDF download.
1: It solves compatibility problemsThe biggest beef that most IT folks seem to have with Windows Vista is
its notorious hardware and software compatibility problems. Windows
7's Windows XP mode allows you to run Windows XP applications without
worrying about application compatibility.
2: It provides a much needed upgrade to Virtual PCVirtual PC has been around for a long time, and al…