FacilitiesDesk Overview - version 6.0 (updated)

Take control of your facility, asset and maintenance operations in one easy-to-use web-based software.

FacilitiesDesk provides Web-Based Facilities, Asset and Maintenance Managment Software (CAFM & CMMS) for organizations in need of Space Maintenance Software, Asset Maintenance Software, Equipment Maintenance software, Building Maintenance Software, Work Order Software, Facility Management Software, Facility Maintenance Software, Manufacturing Maintenance Software, Hospital Maintenance Software, School Maintenance Software.

Web-Based FacilitiesDesk CAFM / CMMS Software helps organizations to increase asset life, track maintenance costs, track maintenance history, prevent and predict equipment failures, improve productivity, reduce downtimes and lower the cost of maintenance.

Using Web-Based FacilitiesDesk CAFM / CMMS Software Preventive maintenance module, develope a preventive maintenance program in addition to tracking asset work order history and transform your maintenance department from reactive mode to planned / preventive mode.