Introducing WebNMS

WebNMS Framework is the industry-leading network management model for
building custom OEM software that makes it possible to deliver superior
network management solutions in a cost-effective, low-risk, and
high-productivity model. Over 250 development teams have evaluated and
selected WebNMS Framework as the basis for their network management and
OEM software solutions (EMS / NMS).
WebNMS Framework helps you showcase your network device capabilities using
powerful management applications (OEM software). This enables service
providers to more easily realize the capabilities and value of your
devices. You can customize, rebrand, and package WebNMS Framework as a
comprehensive Element Management System (EMS) application. WebNMS
Framework supports numerous Operating Systems, Application Servers, and
Network Management OEM Software (EMS / NMS) Architecture

With WebNMS Framework (network management model), you can deliver a
robust, carrier-grade, and highly-available network management system for
a wide range of network devices, systems, and applications.

WebNMS Framework Architecture

The WebNMS Framework back-end server (BE) performs network facing tasks,
such as topology , inventory, fault management tasks, configuration
tasks, status polling, performance management, and report generation. The
Management Server performs the vital configuration tasks along with the BE
Server. The other services offered by the BE server are database services,
framework services that ensure security and high availability, service
acesses APIs, and communication framework.

The distributed multi-tier architecture in the Polling Engine reduces the
load on the Poll Engine in WebNMS Framework Server by distributing the
load across different poller JVMs, and thereby facilitating faster data
The front-end (FE) server provides the communication link between the BE
and the Client. FE server processes the read-only requests of the client,
and redirects the request to the BE server in case of write operation.
Multiple FEs can be connected to a BE and each FE can have multiple
clients connected to it in a distributed setup. The main function
performed by the FE is to channel the requests received from the clients.

WebNMS Framework can interoperate with existing Operation Support Systems
(OSS) and Network Management Systems (NMS) through northbound protocols,
such as CORBA, SNMP, TL1, RMI, HTTP, and JMX. On the southbound, WebNMS
Framework supports multiple protocols including SNMP, TL1, CLI, XML, and

WebNMS Framework supports Java and Web (HTML) clients. The Java clients
available as Application Client, Web Start, and Applet Client are dynamic
and highly customizable with feature-rich and extensible client interface.
The Web client built using technologies such as Ajax, Struts, Tiles, JSP,
JSTL, and Servlet with easy-to-use tabbed interface has provision to
plug-in user defined customizations.
Business Benefits

WebNMS Framework provides a robust and reliable framework which lends
itself to customization thereby maximizing the value addition to your
product. The out-of-the-box development and utility tools available with
WebNMS Framework simpify the product development cycle from customizing
the framework to deployment.
Simplified Development, Increased Productivity

The professional edition of WebNMS Framework is bundled with developer
friendly tools that make customization much simpler and more
productive.WebNMS Framework StudioTools offers Eclipse IDE Plugin with
powerful suite of wizards and tools to perform the customization with ease
from within the Eclipse IDE. Other studio tools such as chassis wizard,
configuration wizard, and client builder tools facilitate creation of
complex screens with auto generated code. With these tools, developers can
work on a single project simultaneously and directly package the results
as a single deployable application.
Accelerated Time-to-Market

Choosing WebNMS Framework saves significant time and effort that would
otherwise go into building management framework functions. Most Element
Management System (EMS) functions are supported out-of-the-box by WebNMS
Framework. You can invest your time in adding value to your network
management solution with features more directly appreciated by your
customers. WebNMS Framework helps developers focus on delivering end-user
application value, instead of re-inventing the underlying infrastructure.
For example Syslog Monitoring is offered as a feature pack to monitor
Syslog messaging in devices. Thanks to the robust, open and extensible
architecture of WebNMS Framework, you get all the benefits of a proven
framework without limitations on where you can take it. WebNMS Framework
reduces the risk of Element Management System (EMS) development and offers
complete control throughout the development cycle. It also reduces the
time-to-deployment and the cost of development with its comprehensive
Element Management System (EMS) functionalities, proven integrations with
multiple databases and web servers, and with its productivity enhancement
WebNMS Framework Project Tools

WebNMS Framework offers a set of project tools which help in development
and deployment of WebNMS Framework based applications. To know more about
them, please visit the WebNMS Framework Project Tools page.

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