ServiceDesk Plus versi 8 telah dirilis

ServiceDesk Plus versi 8 telah dirilis dan dapat didownload mulai sekarang.

Adapun fitur-fitur menarik telah ditambahkan dalam upgrade versi kali
ini, diantaranya.

Know what is served in your IT
Service Catalog

Showcase the IT services offered to your end users, and give a new
face to your IT. Service catalog improves the operational efficiency
by managing the delivery process from approval to fulfillment of the
service request. Define the time involved for delivery of each service
request and bind with a clear service level agreement. This module
enables to create, maintain, approve, deploy, and monitor all the
services offered with a defined process for each request.

Discover assets accurately anywhere, anytime
Agent Scanning

With the new agent based scanning you can access any system from the
remote network, independent of their location. The agent also helps to
make a remote connection instantly and take control of the screen in
seconds. Keep your remote asset inventory up to date with the new auto
sync option which pushes the scanned asset details automatically from
the remote location to the central sever at periodic intervals.

Integrated Desktop Management
Desktop Central

ServiceDesk Plus now integrates with desktop central which allows you
to install/uninstall software from the user computer, right from the
request details page and saves you from unnecessary round trips.

No more unassigned tickets in the queue
Auto Assign Tickets

The new auto assign feature distributes tickets based on the existing
on your technicians, also checks for their availability and SLA tied
to the tickets before dispatching them appropriately. It also comes
with round robin method to distribute tickets equally to all the
available technicians.

API : automate and save money
Interact with others

Track the network failures and events automatically into the helpdesk
with ServiceDesk Plus and save the cost involved with the technician
adding this information manually. Your network failures are no longer
in queue and gets added as a ticket without any delay.

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