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New Data Center Challenges Require New Solutions
Data Center Architechture. Inside and Out.

Data centers are mission-critical facilities. A silo-based approach to
designing, deploying, and managing these infrastructures is becoming
increasingly inadequate, as data center consolidation, virtualization
technologies, and automation initiatives continue to grow more pervasive.

A unified approach to physical and logical systems architecture is
imperative to pave the way for solutions that fully address the need for
availability, business agility, integration and security. The introduction
of progressive and innovative infrastructure solutions for data centers is
necessary to enable operations flexibility, converged data applications,
and greater energy and space efficiencies.

Because data centers will continue to face stringent demands, and due to
the complexities of these demands on physical infrastructures, next
generation architecture must address both physical and logical layers to
effectively drive business advantages and overall success.

Unlock Data Center Potential
Overcome Challenges. Optimize Advantages.

Businesses depend on data and information to realize success, yet today's
data centers have become far more than information processing sites. As
the nerve center of successful business operations, they must evolve to
accommodate a broad array of rapidly changing demands:
# Robust and diverse applications
# Multiple geographies
# Greater performance requirements
# Real-time data and services delivery
# Rising energy costs
# Availability and flexibility
# Space limitations
# Compliance with industry standards
# Sustainability

The potential for risk increases with data center consolidation of
multiple systems and convergence of new technologies. For example, failure
of cooling equipment can lead to server failure, which in turn results in
downtime that then interrupts business operations.

To avoid these interdependent risks, a unified management system must
leverage a physically mapped logical network to provide the monitoring and
reporting capabilities that are crucial to efficient infrastructure
diagnosis and troubleshooting. The ability to view both the physical and
logical topology of an infrastructure extends real-time intelligence
through both layers.

A unified approach to infrastructure architecture can also simplify asset
management by enabling:
# Managed movement of network switches, servers, applications, and
resources from site to site
# Tracking of network connections, security systems, energy usage, and
other important assets to identify and resolve problems before they affect
general operations
# The ability to automate the collation of device, system, and
administrative data across the network into a configured management
# Real-time security integration with logical network design to speed
isolation, notification, and resolution of potential security breaches

Panduit's Unified Physical Infrastructure: A Guiding Vision
For a Smarter, Unified Business Foundation

The growing interdependence of systems and applications, and the increased
demands that they place on physical infrastructures, requires the
integration of traditionally disparate and proprietary systems. This trend
is dramatically changing infrastructure design, management strategies, and
effective synchronization of critical systems, opening the door for
seamless convergence and interoperability of all core business systems.

Panduit provides flexible, end-to-end solutions for the physical
infrastructure that drive operational efficiency and financial advantages,
allowing businesses to minimize risk and heighten agility. Tailored by
industry and customized by application, Panduit solutions span the core
systems necessary to transform a business, from data center to facility
operations, to next generation intelligent buildings.

Panduit has developed the industry's most comprehensive and holistic
approach to a Unified Physical Infrastructure and can help enterprises
align, converge, and optimize critical systems – communication, computing,
control, power, and security – to build a smarter, unified business

This approach enables the use of an open standards-based architecture and
is designed to deliver tangible infrastructure and business process
improvements for increased functionality, interoperability, and
manageability of mission critical operations across the enterprise.

Key Benefits
# Leverage real-time information to enhance visibility, security, safety,
and compliance across the enterprise
# Reduce infrastructure and systems complexities while increasing
functionality and manageability of mission critical capabilities
# Achieve flexibility through deployment of a platform-agnostic, open
standards-based architecture
# Improve productivity and customer satisfaction by delivering higher
levels of availability and reliability
# Converge and optimize critical systems, leveraging and reusing existing
assets/investments for maximum ROI
# Drive tangible infrastructure efficiency and business process
improvements while reducing operational costs and mitigating risk
# Create a sustainable infrastructure for securing energy effi ciencies
and establishing global best practices

Empowering the Data Center as a Unified Physical Infrastructure
Minimize Risk. Maximize Performance.

Panduit understands today's vital business and technology challenges and
how they impact data centers. Panduit's Smart Data Center Solutions embody
the next wave of systems integration and risk management by aligning and
harmonizing critical systems to support the delivery of secure,
energy-efficient, always-on-realtime data and services.

Driven by the industry's most comprehensive approach to physical
infrastructure unification, Panduit can help manage integration of key
elements with solutions that enable systems consolidation and network
convergence, reducing the risks associated with availability,
interoperability and security. Panduit combines best practice
methodologies, physical and logical architectures, end-to-end support,and
a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to deliver robust, scalable
physical infrastructure that facilitates the deployment of technologies to
meet current and future requirements:
# Visibility and control for managing and automating real-time data
processes and documentation
# Convergence of new technologies and high speed data applications
# Enhanced security of the physical layers of the infrastructure
# Operational efficiency through process improvement and green IT
initiatives (such as cooling conservation through green data cabinets)
# Capacity management for greater real estate utilization visit

Connect. Manage. Automate.
Panduit's Full Range of Smart Data Center Solutions

Based on the principles of a Unified Physical InfrastructureSM approach,
Panduit is the industry's leading supplier of complete end-to-end
solutions for evolving data centers.

Connectivity and Cabling – Comprehensive end-to-end copper and fiber
cabling systems, including high speed data transport (HSDT), that offer
ease of deployment and proven performance to ensure availability,
reliability and scalability of mission critical systems.

Cabinets, Racks and Cable Management – A portfolio of innovative products
that offer cooling conservation for greater thermal management and energy
efficiency (such as green data cabinets), as well as modular designs that
provide accessibility, flexibility, and effective space utilization.

Physical Infrastructure Management – Visibility and control for
monitoring, managing and automating of networks through intelligent asset
identification and tracking to the physical layer.

Zone Cabling – A complete line of products for open office architecture
applications, telecommunications enclosures, smart data centers, wireless
deployments and network integration of building automation systems.
Designed to optimize network flexibility, accessibility and efficiency.

Routing – Underfloor and overhead channels that manage and protect high
performance communication, computing, and/or power cables to ensure system
performance, reliability, scalability, and reduced cost of ownership.

Grounding – A visually verifiable and dedicated grounding path to maintain
system performance, improve network reliability and protect both personnel
and equipment.

Labeling and Identification – Printers and software systems for more
effective asset management, safety compliance and simplification of moves,
adds and/or changes.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) – Panels and midspans that send data and power
over new or existing Ethernet wiring, allowing for flexibility of device
placements, redundant power for systems reliability, and decreased
installation time and operating costs.

The Panduit Difference
Realize Benefits Across the Enterprise.

Panduit provides the ability to align the physical infrastructure to the
logical systems infrastructure by creating reference architectures that
are mapped to industry-wide best practices.

All of Panduit's solutions meet or surpass rigorous quality management
standards to assure compliance with industry requirements. Our unique,
robust partner ecosystem combined with our lifecycle services offer
innovative modeling, predictable execution and operational excellence.

Panduit is the leading provider of physical infrastructure solutions with
a broad and deep portfolio of integrated offerings.

Through ongoing investment in research and development, Panduit has
introduced smart data center products offering innovations around business
performance, continuity, and green IT initiatives.

These products, ranging from high speed data transport (HSDT)
connectivity, thermal management through green data cabinets, cable
management, and physical infrastructure management software provide an
integrated and comprehensive "solution" for smart data centers, rather
than a "system" of discrete components. Specifically, Panduit's smart data
center cooling conservation systems enable both application uptime
assurance and energy conservation by applying our fully integrated
infrastructure. From our small diameter C6A cable to our Cool Boot floor
grommets to our chimney equipped green data cabinets designed through
computational fluid dynamics, we address cooling from a solutions
perspective. This comprehensive approach to infrastructure design,
deployment, and management allows benefits to be realized across the
entire enterprise.

Real-World Solutions to Ensure the Success of Our Customers
With a proven reputation for excellence and technology innovation, a
robust ecosystem of global partners, and long-term alliances with top
industry leaders, Panduit is a valuable, trusted partner offering
strategic vision and real-world solutions to ensure the success of our

Innovative Technology Leadership
Panduit is an industry leader in developing innovative technology
solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers around the
world. Our commitment to continued leadership is supported by significant
ongoing investment, dedicated manufacturing facilities, strategic
technology alliances, and collaborative R&D with other industry leaders.

Global Business & Commitment
Panduit's ongoing commitment to excellence and our technology alliances
with key industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, EMC, Emerson, IBM, etc.,
enables our highly skilled and knowledgeable global sales, systems
engineering, and technical support teams to engage with critical customer
challenges that range from initial problem determination all the way to
resolution. Local specialists, trained to global standards and
competencies, provide consistent regional support that brings value to
local business. Our global value chain, which combines manufacturing,
distribution, and service, provides prompt responses to customer-related
issues, and streamlines procurement and delivery to any global

Best-in-Class Partner Ecosystem
Panduit employs a consultative approach to identify customer needs and
engage appropriate partners in a collaborative fashion to serve our
customers. Panduit's robust ecosystem of architects, consultants,
engineers, designers, systems integrators, contractors, and distributors
offer a full portfolio of lifecycle services. Our partners are trained on
relevant services to Plan & Design, Build & Deploy, and Maintain & Operate
to deliver predictable and measurable results.

Worldwide Alliances
Panduit has established long-term strategic alliances with top global
industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, EMC, HP, IBM, Liebert, and
Rockwell Automation to develop and integrate innovative, holistic
solutions for our customers. We continually invest in relationships and
resources for solving our customers' greatest business challenges.

Eco-Sustainability & Global Citizenship
With a long-standing commitment to environmental excellence, Panduit
continually develops and implements solutions designed to protect,
replenish, and restore the world in which we live and operate. This
commitment is demonstrated by Panduit's LEED-certified new world
headquarters and future green building plans using its own revolutionary
Unified Physical InfrastructureSM vision to enable convergence of critical
systems for driving sustainability.

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