Check out Untangle 8.0's new Bandwidth Control feature

Check out Untangle 8.0's new Bandwidth Control feature

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In a number of posts previously, I've mentioned the Untangle appliance and its features for providing Internet gateway connectivity. Recently, Untangle 8.0 has been released with the Bandwidth Control feature and, much to my satisfaction, a virtual appliance deployment option for Untangle 8.0 I have used Untangle for a few years for the Internet connectivity and network management for my personal lab. For that network, I provide DNS, DHCP, content filtering, and port and protocol management all for free with the Untangle Lite Package. This includes a number of additional free features such as spam blocker, firewall, captive portal, OpenVPN support, Intrusion Prevention, and virus blocker modules. Untangle 8's new feature is Bandwidth Control, which allows base services to be prioritized at the server level and for quotas to be utilized. For example, Windows Update Internet traffic can be prioritized to be allocated a low amount of the Internet bandwidth. This can be critical if there is no central deployment server for this traffic, such as Microsoft System Center Systems Management Server. Likewise, critical services such as web traffic to business partner websites can be given high priority. Untangle's Bandwidth Control can be implemented per user, per site, or per application; giving flexible administration options. Figure A shows a Bandwidth Control panel within Untangle 8.0:

Figure A

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Bandwidth Control is available with Untangle Premium Package and Education Premium Package. It can be purchased separately for $25 per month. The other recent development with Untangle that caught my eye is that it is now available as a virtual appliance for 8.0. On the Untangle Wiki, there are instructions on how to set up Untangle as an OVA (open virtual appliance) using the newest version. I have used Untangle exclusively as a virtual machine, and have been happy thus far along. Are you using Untangle 8.0? Share your configuration strategies and upgrade process below.

posted by Rick Vanover
November 23, 2010 @ 6:00 am

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