Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v3.16 released

for SMS,MMS and Voice calls

Check out the new voice call feature...

Ozeki NG is known to be a very reliable software when it comes to SMS/MMS
messaging. It can handle large load of traffic and it operates seemlesly
in the background 24/7. It also integrates very well with the corporate
infrastructure as it can send SMS messages directly from a database
through various communication channels.

With the release of Ozeki NG v3.16, companies will have a new ability to
dial telephone numbers automatically and to play in a voice messages after
the call has been picked up.

To jump to some early conclusions about the new voice call feature of
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, we can state that it is a great addition to mobile
messaging. Adding voice messaging capability to mobile messaging systems
is a benefit for all. Now the users can select the best suited message
type for the given situation. A decision can be made to send out an SMS
text message to a mobile phone, to send out a multimedia MMS message
containing pictures and various attachments, or to automatically dial the
telephone number and to play in a voice message. The voice messages can be
a previously recorded audio file or text read out using the built in text
to speech converter

It's up to the user to determine which communication method is more
appropriate for a business case. This decision can be made on a per
messages basis. It is safe to bet, that SMS will still be the most popular
option, but in many cases voice calls will give better results. All
message types have certain advantages, but the most important thig is the
ability to be able to select the message type according to the preferences
of customers, suppliers, employees and the business itself.
Text messages (SMS and MMS)
In todays mobile messaging systems SMS text messages are often used in a
two way scenario. An IT system can send out SMS messages to mobile phones
to notify people about certain events, and people can send reply SMS
messages back to confirm they have received the message. The message
exchange can also be initiated by the mobile user, who sends in an SMS
message and receives a response from the system. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
makes this two way communication possible.
Voice calls
Automated voice calls are appropriate when the mobile user needs to be
contacted urgently, or it is important to have an immediate reply or
information about wether he got the message or not.

The voice call feature of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be accessed the same
way as the SMS feature. A telephone number and the message text (or a file
name to a previously recorded audio file) should be provided. After
receiving the request Ozeki NG will dial the telephone number and when the
call is picked up by the remote end it will read in the text using the
built in text to speech engine (or it will play the previously recorded
audio file).

During the call the remote party can optionally press a DTMF key on the
telephone to confirm the call. In all cases a report is returned to the
application containing information about wether the call was successfully
completed, what percentage of the audio was played, and which DTMF key did
the remote party press. This way confirmed notifiactions and customers
surveys can be executed with great efficiency.
Setting up an automated SMS or Voice call system in your company
It is very easy to setup a system, that makes it possible to communicate
with mobile users through SMS text messages or voice calls. The first step
is to download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and to install it on one of your
Windows computers. After the SMS gateway is installed, you need to setup a
communication link to the telephone network.

For SMS/MMS communication you can use a GSM modem or an IP SMS connection
as the communication link to the mobile telephone network. A GSM modem is
basicly a mobile phone that is attached to your computer with a data
cable. It can send SMS messages to the mobile network the same way your
standard mobile handset does. (If you don't have a GSM modem on hand, you
can order one directly from us.) The term IP SMS connection referes to an
SMS service provided over the Internet. This service is often provided by
mobile network operators for those who want to send large volume of
messages. There are many IP SMS service providers out there who can supply
connection details to their service. If you use an IP SMS connection your
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway system will forward the SMS messages to the mobile
telephone network through the Internet.

For making voice calls you have three options to setup a communication
link to the telephone network. (An SMS connection cannot be used for voice
calls.) For voice calls you can use a GSM Voice gateway (If you don't have
one, you can order one from us.), or you can sign up for a SIP account at
a VoIP telephone service on the Internet, or if you have an IP PBX with
SIP support in your office, you can configure Ozeki NG to use it for
making outgoing voice telephone calls.

Detailed configurations for all of the above options are available on this
website. Once the communication link to the telephone network is
established you can send out test messages from the graphical user
interface of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. If you have configured an SMS link you
can send SMS, if you have configured a voice link, you can ask the
software to dial voice calls, if you have setup both you will have both
message types available.
Taking advantages of the system
Once an SMS/Voice gateway system has been installed and connected to the
telephone network, SMS and voice call services can be launched and
applications can be built. The common goal for these services and
applications is to pass outgoing messages to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and to
be able to receives messages from it. To achieve this goal Ozeki NG SMS
Gateway provides many interfaces.

Common interfaces are:
# Database
# E-mail
# Text file
# Command line

All of these interfaces can be used for passing both SMS messages and
Voice calls to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The role of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway in
this environment is to forward messages between your application and the
telephone network. It is a gateway, that simplifies communication.

To launch a service or to build an application the first thing to do is to
determine which interface is the most appropriate. The most popular
interface among businesses is the Database interface. For example if your
company uses an SQL database server (MS SQL, Oracle, Mysql, etc) for
storing information, you will probably find it easy to send SMS messages
or to initiate voice calls by simply inserting a new record into the
database. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be configured to pickup outgoing SMS
text messages and Voice messages from database tables. Incoming messages
can be also inserted into database tables.
How to send SMS and Voice messages
After you have setup your system, you are ready to send messages. You can
specify wether you want to send SMS or Voice by specifying the message
type parameter of the message. For SMS messages SMS:TEXT, for Voice calls
AUDIO:WAV and AUDIO:TEXT are the message types you can use. The following
webpages give an insight on how to send SMS and Voice messages:

Quick start quide for setting up an SMS system

How to send Voice messages
If you would like to improve your business processes with automated mobile
messaging, both SMS messages and Voice calls can be used. In either case
you can reach the people you want to get in touch with in more
efficicently way then through traditional communication channels, such as
e-mail, human initiated calls. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway equipped with the
Voice call addon gives you the ability to exploit the mobile messaging
technology. It's worth to give a try and evaluate a license, by
downloading the free trial version from the following URL:

Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway trial version.

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