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Thursday, January 21, 2010

FusionCharts goes OpenSource - so Pentaho Reporting can go FusionCharts

With a rather silent Blog-entry, the FusionCharts team announced that FusionCharts Free will - from now on - be opensource. The code is dual licensed under the GPL v3 as well as under the MIT license. Thanks, FusionCharts and welcome as open-source citizen.This is a great move!

One of the goals of our Sugar-release will be to make the Web-experience of our reports a lot richer. For that, we plan to finally implement image-map support and to add built-in and easy-to-use Flash-Charting capabilities. With Citrus, we already have the technical base for it, as the attribute-expressions allow you to include any kind of HTML code into the output. But manual methods are cumbersome and prone to errors, so we can certainly do better. Originally, when FusionCharts was still closed-source, we had focused our plans solely on OpenFlashCharts as provider for more interactive charts. FusionCharts was barely on our radar at that time, as including closed-source parts into a open-source solution swiftly moves you into a strange legal limbo of when and how and how much you may or may not be able to distribute the closed-source parts and what may or may not constitute a legal use of this component. For that reason, we strictly limit our open-source software to open-source components.

(Yes, we could certainly use close-source components in the Enterprise-Edition parts of the application and would be able to work out some sensible license-agreements for all the components. But Enterprise-Edition/closed-source components get no community testing (so all the burden lies on our backs) and we get no contributions from outside of Pentaho. Therefore our development cycles for this stuff are much slower and more expensive than the cycles for the open-source code. From a pure developer’s perspective, I won’t shed a single tear if all closed-source code becomes open-source.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ingin tahu menggunakan SMS Gateway OZEKI ?

OZEKI, salah satu perusahaan yang berfokus di solusi SMS Gateway software, baru saja memperkenalkan website baru, yang berisikan semua informasi mengenai integrasi software OZEKI dengan sistem lain (

Website yang secara menarik menampilkan informasi-informasi integrasi software OZEKI dengan software atau sistem lain.

Beberapa diantaranya adalah:
* SMS from MS Outlook 2007
* SMS from MS Outlook 2010
* SMS from MS Exchange 2007
* SMS from MS Exchange 2003
* SMS from Outlook Express
* SMS from Windows Mail

* SMS from Lotus Notes
* SMS from MS Dynamics CRM
* SMS from MS Sharepoint
* SMS from Interbase/Firebird
* SMS from Visual FoxPro

* SMS from SCOM 2007
* SMS from MOM 2005
* SMS from HP Openview
* SMS from HP Insight Manager
* SMS from CA Unicenter NSM
* SMS from IBM Tivoli
* SMS from WhatsUp Gold
* SMS from Big Brother
* SMS from BMC Performance Manager
* SMS from Nagios

* SMS from SysAid Helpdesk

Silahkan mengakses website tersebut, apabila ada pertanyaan, silahkan hubungi kami untuk dukungan teknis.