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SugarCRM and vTiger: Comparative Review

By Partho
October 6th, 2009top 10 CRM software we had mentioned two widely used open source CRM
software - SugarCRM and vTiger. There has been much altercation over
the fact that vTiger will become the SugarCRM alternative in the CRM
space. vtiger CRM was actually forked from Sugar CRM designed to
create a fully open source CRM that would offer functionality
comparable to vtiger has undergone significant
improvements over the years and is one of the leading CRM software
now. Although vTiger shares several common features with Sugar, it
includes a few propriety extensions. We decided to bring the two major
open source CRM solutions face-to-face.When comparing between Sugar CRM and vtiger CRM it needs to be taken
into account that the later is designed to fit the small and medium
organizations. Let's have an comparative overview before moving onto
core competencies.Sugar CRM offers wide ranging feature-set for business processes,
focusing on marketing effectiveness, enhancement of…


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