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Navori is pleased to introduce its new digital signage software platform, Navori 5.2.

Navori 5.2 offers major enhancements that are sure to please every signage network operator. Whether you have one or a thousand displays, Navori 5.2 can help you save money and monitor your signage network like never before. Here are a few of the new features:
1. Support for Energy Star / VESA Power management standards:Navori 5.2 lets users power down their displays remotely without the need for RS232. Users can schedule power on/off times for each group of screens.

Advantages:Save on your energy costs. Increase the lifespan of your displays. Works with video-walls and multiple screen installations. No additional cabling or special equipment required.2. On-demand Message Centrally Triggered (RBT): Trigger playback of any media on one or more screens from a central location. The system uses XML to launch specific content as required, bypassing any currently scheduled playlist. Users can also display a temporary text banner during this event.

Potential Uses:Security – automatically displa…