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Selamat atas implementasi SMS GATEWAY dengan menggunakan produk OZEKI NG.
OZEKI NG menyediakan kemampuan beragam untuk berinteraksi dua arah komunikasi SMS, selain karena kemudahan instalasi dan setup OZEKI NG, harga yang cukup bersaing memberikan nilai lebih. Kami sebagai reseller partner untuk Indonesia merasa bangga melayani Anda.
Temukan kemampuan OZEKI NG sebagai SMS GATEWAY pada

Silahkan hubungi kami untuk keperluan detail SMS GATEWAY Anda.

Aplikasi untuk Kiosk System

Kami membantu pengembangan dan implementasi aplikasi untuk Kiosk System, baik menggunakan flash / macromedia / content management system. Kontak kami untuk kebutuhan detail Anda.Infrastructure-Application-ManagedServices.Visit for details..

Infrastructure Management Service

What is Infrastructure Management Service?Infrastructure Management Services is a growing service offering among the
outsource providers to deliver IT Infrastructure Management Services
remotely either from onshore, near-shore or from offshore locations. When
these services are delivered remotely from an offshore location, it is
known as Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM). Organizations offering
these services are termed as IMS Providers.Infrastructure Management deals with managing IT Infrastructure and
applications, taking proactive steps and remedial actions so that all the
IT services are available 24x7x365 to the customers.ManageEngine IMS - Solution OverviewManageEngine Infrastructure Management Solution (IMS) is an integrated
end-to-end IT Infrastructure monitoring solution that helps Infrastructure
Management Service providers deliver IT Management Services to their
customers. It offers advanced fault and performance management across
network devices such as routers, switches and ser…

AC Presisi

Selamat kepada PT.SMS yang telah menggunakan produk AC Presisi dengan produk CITEC Denco.
Infrastructure-Application-ManagedServices.Visit for details..

Why Organizations Need LTO-5 Today - by Quantum

Information is constantly being added to corporate databases growing the amount of structured data. And unstructured data including office productivity application files, images, video, and audio files are being added at unprecedented rates. As a result, there is simply much more data, many more files, and many more larger files to store today than ever.

For years, tape storage systems have played a key role in efforts to store data for backup and retrieval, archiving, and contingency planning purposes. More recently, tape has been called on to help preserve and safeguard data to meet data retention laws and regulations. The challenge is how to manage, retain, and safeguard the data volumes being generated today.New tape technology provides a solution. With a capacity to store 3 TB of data per cartridge, recently introduced Linear Tape-Open (LTO)-5 tapes offer twice the storage capacity of LTO-4 and about four times the capacity of LTO-3 systems. Additionally, LTO-5 offers the higher…

Selamat kepada Nokia Care - Roxy Jakarta

Selamat kepada Nokia Care di Roxy Jakarta yang telah memilih untuk
mengimplementasikan finosMQS - sistem antrian multimedia untuk mengatur
dan monitor kinerja layanan staf front-desk Nokia Care.