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Network security snapshot for threats and intrusion detection

Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) is a network flow based security
analytics tool that helps in detecting network intrusions and classifying
the intrusions to tackle network security threats in real time. ASAM is an
add-on module with NetFlow Analyzer, therefore, does not need any
additional hardware investment. The flows(NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, netstream
etc.) are exported by the devices (routers and switches) to NetFlow
Analyzer. These flows are analyzed by ASAM and the network anomalies are
detected. As this is done in real time, continuous updation of the network
threats keeps the enterprise network secure.Advanced Security Analytics
module gives actionable intelligence to avert a broad spectrum of external
and internal security threats.Network snapshot of ASAM displays a list of grouped threat/ anomaly as a
problem and further, the problems are categorized in to three major
problem classes (Bad Src-Dst, DDoS, Suspect Flows). The set of classes
used for classifying problems with a brief…

Selamat kepada HP CARE

Selamat kepada HP Care yang telah memilih menggunakan dan
mengimplementasikan OZEKI NG sebagai sms gateway yang digunakan untuk
mengecek status service/perbaikan dan pengambilan barang.OZEKI NG merupakan solusi murah dan tepat untuk mengintegrasikan sms
gateway dengan aplikasi existing Anda, baik yang berbasis web ataupun
client server. Dengan beragam kemampuan, OZEKI dapat menjawab kebutuhan
Anda. Silahkan hubungi kami untuk detail keperluan SMS gateway Anda.Fanky Christian
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DOWNLOAD GRATIS: Free Exchange Health Monitor

OverviewFor any business, e-mail is the mission-critical communication tool. This greater reliance on e-mail has increased the number of messages sent and received. Mail servers not only for e-mail, but also calendars, attachments, contacts, and more. Mail servers such as Exchange servers, need to be up and running all the time. Any outages or performance degradation in the Exchange servers, will affect the mail messaging system, resulting in a bad user-experience and eventually affecting many users. Hence it becomes imperative to monitor and manage those Exchange servers continuously.
The Free "ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor" tool will address this monitoring requirement. The ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor tool, monitors important parameters of Exchange 2003 servers and Exchange 2007 servers. The tool fetches comprehensive data about the servers and exchange servers details, presents them as visually elegant graphs and reports. The relevant data,…