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Access: Real-time Data Replication and Change Data Capture

I just find this software, we are preparing to became their partner for
DBMoto is the preferred solution for your heterogeneous Data Replication,
Change Data Capture and Data Transformation requirements in an enterprise
environment. Whether you are migrating data to a lower TCO database,
synchronizing data among disparate operational systems, creating a new
data warehouse or data mart environment for analytics, building a business
intelligence application or creating a backup of key corporate data,
DBMoto is the solution of choice for fast, trouble-free, easy-to-maintain
data integration projects.If you depend on data from multiple databases, you need a data integration
solution that supports major relational database systems and data
warehouse appliances, and that works out-of-the-box. Using an efficient
visual interface, intuitive wizards and easy-to-follow guides, DBMoto
helps IT staff implement the toughest replication requirements quickly and
easily. DBMoto is mature and approved by…

Selamat kepada PT.Cipta Krida Bahari

Selamat kepada PT.Cipta Krida Bahari karena memilih solusi manajemen
database menggunakan produk NAVICAT. Produk NAVICAT dikenal mudah
digunakan,mudah dipasang, serta dioperasikan, bahkan tidak harus
mengetahui dengan baik konsep dan dasar pengelolaan database.NAVICAT memberikan kemudahan akses, backup bahkan hingga replikasi
database. NAVICAT juga memiliki keluwesan harga dan license. NAVICAT
dapat dibeli secara online atau melalui kami sebagai Reseller Partner
resmi untuk Indonesia.Kami sungguh bangga melayani Anda.