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Friday, June 25, 2010

Access: Real-time Data Replication and Change Data Capture

I just find this software, we are preparing to became their partner for

DBMoto is the preferred solution for your heterogeneous Data Replication,
Change Data Capture and Data Transformation requirements in an enterprise
environment. Whether you are migrating data to a lower TCO database,
synchronizing data among disparate operational systems, creating a new
data warehouse or data mart environment for analytics, building a business
intelligence application or creating a backup of key corporate data,
DBMoto is the solution of choice for fast, trouble-free, easy-to-maintain
data integration projects.

If you depend on data from multiple databases, you need a data integration
solution that supports major relational database systems and data
warehouse appliances, and that works out-of-the-box. Using an efficient
visual interface, intuitive wizards and easy-to-follow guides, DBMoto
helps IT staff implement the toughest replication requirements quickly and
easily. DBMoto is mature and approved by enterprises ranging from midsized
to Fortune 1000 businesses worldwide.

Achieving dependable data delivery in enterprise environments requires
expertise in database servers. HiT Software has been delivering relational
data access products since 1994, and DBMoto incorporates proven
integration technology to ensure high performance yet minimally intrusive
data synchronization, using Change Data Capture for maximum efficiency.

Key Features

Database Support

* Support for all major databases: IBM DB2 (including IBM i/AS400, z/OS,
Linux, AIX, Windows), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase Adaptive
Server Enterprise, SQL Anywhere, Ingres, Informix, Cloudscape, Unify
SQLBase, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MS Access, and Solid
* Support for Netezza data warehouse and analytic appliances
* Support for database cluster environments

Replication Support

* Replication modes: Refresh (snapshot), Mirroring (change data capture),
Synchronization (real-time bi-directional mirroring with conflict
* "Multi-Server Synchronization" to synchronize changes bi-directionally
between source and multiple targets, with built-in conflict resolution
* Automatic creation of target tables
* Extensive log reporting and accessibility
* Powerful visual tool to provide information on replication status and
* DBMoto Verifier™ tool to easily compare replication results for
accuracy and auditing
* Support for extended data types, such as XML
* Built-in transformation functions, with custom functions definable at
any time

User Support

* User-friendly graphical interface
* Administrative wizards for fast, easy configuration and setup
* Configuration and management of entire replication process from DBMoto's
Management Center on Windows platform
* Remote administration of DBMoto Replicator through Management Center
* Customizable via Microsoft VB.NET scripting and event driven environment
* Extensive Security including user authentication and other options
* No programming needed on source or target database platforms
* Source and target table access via standard .NET data provider protocol

Databases Supported as Targets (Refresh and Mirroring Modes)

IBM DB2 for i and AS400 V3R2 and later
IBM DB2 for z/OS (OS/390) v5 and later
IBM DB2 for Windows v5 and later
IBM DB2 for AIX, Linux, HP/UX, Solaris v5 and later
Oracle v8 and later
Microsoft SQL Server v6.5 and later
MySQL v3.23 and later
Netezza TwinFin
Sybase ASE v12.50 and later
SQL Anywhere
IBM Cloudscape
Ingres 2006
Unify SQLBase Server v8.5.0 and later
MS Access 97 and later

Databases Supported as Sources (Mirroring and Synchronization Modes)

IBM DB2 for i and AS400 V4R3 and later
IBM DB2 for z/OS (OS/390) v5 and later
IBM DB2 for Windows v5 and later
IBM DB2 for AIX, Linux, HP/UX, Solaris v5 and later
Oracle v8 and later
Microsoft SQL Server v6.5 and later
MySQL v3.23 and later
Unify SQLBase
Sybase ASE v12.50 and later
Sybase SQL Anywhere

System Requirements:

Windows Server 2008/2003/2000/NT
.NET Framework 2.0 SP2 or higher

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