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Selamat kepada ACSC Pekanbaru

Selamat kepada Acer Customer Service Center, Plaza Senapelan, Pekanbaru yang telah mengimplementasikan finosMQS - sistem antrian multimedia.Kami bangga melayani Anda.Infrastructure-Application-ManagedServices.Visit for details..

A Delicate Balance: DLP and Privacy

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) practices are implemented in order to
prevent the unauthorized distribution of confidential/private information.
Because email was not originally developed with security as a top
priority, the transfer of sensitive information is immediately exposed to
a range of threats. The limitations of the SMTP protocol, industrial
espionage, disgruntled employees and the growing frequency of identity
theft represent only a fraction of the threats to an organization's
emails. While these threats are real and must be addressed, it is crucial
that a DLP system and policy be consistent with a company's overall
strategy so that employee expectations about privacy can be reasonably
managed.Sensitive information is typically characterized by keywords, textual or
numerical patterns (i.e. credit card number, social security number etc.)
and other content-related phrases. PineApp's policy-driven DLP module, for
instance, scans all outgoing emails for the presence of content th…

Where to turn for low-cost help desk management ?

ManageEngine provides Cetero Research full functionality at a fraction of
the cost of high-end productsNetwork/Systems Management Alert By Beth Schultz, Network World
August 27, 2010 12:59 PM ET
Beth SchultzWhen the big guns of service management software are too pricey for your
budget and demanding of your staffing resources, where do you turn?ManageEngine has been a good choice for Alex Walker, IT director at Cetero
Research, a leading clinical research organization based in Cary, N.C.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HP ProLiant and BladeSystem Servers: View nowWhen Walker arrived at Cetero's San Antonio campus three years ago, he
found a small company evolving into a midsized organization but without
associated best IT practices in place. Service and support was a
particular pain point, with a limited number of technicians scrambling to
get jobs done around the four-building campus and users often having to
chase them down as new problems cropped up, he says."People would literally stop …

Using security and desktop management products to block USB access

David Strom, ContributorA rogue employee can easily carry a lot of private data out of your
offices using a USB drive. While gluing your USB ports shut (like my local
library did) is one way to prevent data loss via a portable drive, a less
drastic -- but just as efficient -- option is a security or desktop
management product. These products block read or write access to removable
USB or CD drives. This not only prevents data loss, but it also protects
desktops from an infected disc or drive.The following five products are major players in the area: * Safend Protector
* Symantec Endpoint Protection
* Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection
* Skyrecon StormShield Endpoint Security
* Dell Kace K1000 Systems Management ApplianceHow the products workAt the highest level of operations, each of these products requires a
management agent on all corporate endpoints. However, this can be a
challenge, since not all endpoint operating systems are supported by all
products. Most of the…

Selamat kepada BNI Cabang Kwitang, Jakarta

Selamat kepada BNI Cabang Kwitang, Jakarta yang telah berhasil
mengimplementasikan finosMQS - sistem antrian multimedia. Kiranya hasil
karya anak Indonesia ini menjadikan sistem antrian lebih maksimal dan
dapat dimonitor serta ditingkatkan kinerja layanannya, serta memberikan
edukasi yang cukup kepada para pelanggan.Kami senang mendukung Anda.

Tahukah Anda, bahwa OZEKI NG bisa digunakan juga untuk mengambil data SNMP, mengolah data SNMP?

Apa saja kemampuan nya?1. SNMP network monitoring and SMS notifications
OZEKI NG digunakan sebagai SNMP agent - akan menghasilkan SNMP trap
bisa SMS diterima Cara ini menjadikan OZEKI sebagai SNMP agent. Jika ia
menerima data dalam bentuk SMS, maka ia akan memforward nya sebagai
SNMP trap event ke SNMP monitoring server.Contoh pemakaian:
- integrasi PicoBox dengan OZEKI NG. PicoBox terkenal dgn kemampuannya
untuk mendeteksi sensor dan mengirimkannya melalui SMS, hingga 40 SMS
bersamaan. Dengan diintegrasikan, maka pesan yang dikirimkannya dapat
diterima juga masuk kedalam sistem NMS.
2. SNMP agent - menerima SNMP query, dan memforward nya sebagai SMS
Dalam hal ini OZEKI NG berperan sebagai SNMP agent. Dapat diquery oleh
SNMP monitoring software (seperti OpManager) menggunakan SNMP get
request. Dengan SNMP query, maka SNMP monitoring software dapat
mengirimkan SMS.
3. SNMP monitoring server - mengirimkan SNMP queries
Ini adalah kemampuan SNMP monitoring , dapat mengquery SNMP agent
dengan me…

The Evolution Of User Manuals

Aaron Fulkerson,
08.09.10, 12:00 PM EDT
Product and services documentation is now a core business asset that can drive revenues.
Aaron Fulkerson When people in technology hear the word "documentation" it conjures images of the '90s, when software shipped on CDs, in boxes, with thousand-page user manuals that were costly to create and bordered on useless to the end user. The teams authoring those materials have been viewed as a cost center, and their products only minimally satiating customer demand for product documentation.

Ten years ago documentation was a cost center and it was woefully inadequate at customer support, because books don't get written anywhere close to the speed of code. Today it has taken on the role of a core business asset--a mechanism by which you can make vast amounts of money.

Now brick and mortar companies moving to a pure online or hybrid sales model are also realizing that documentation is strategic to their companies--in ways that might surpr…

Use open source Calibre to help you manage your e-book library

Whether you've stuck a toe in or are fully immersed in the e-reader revolution, you might want to file away a reference to Calibre when you discover you need to start managing your e-library. Free and open source, this program allows you to add searchable metadata such as tags and comments to your collection. It can also be used to search the Internet to find book metadata based on existing title/author or ISBN information in your library and download various types of metadata and covers for your books, automatically. The most useful feature of Calibre is probably the ability to convert from one format to another:

Syncing e-reader devices is another important feature:

Here is the current list of supported devices. I'll never be weaned away from my physical books; however, as an avid reader (and I always like to take books with me when I travel), I can think of some good uses for an e-reader, so I think there's one in my future. With so many devices to choose from, I'…

OpenOffice saves a company budget

Posted in:GeneralThis past week I was troubleshooting an issue a client had. This issue had been haunting the client for some time and no one could figure out what was going on. Here's the scenario. Client worked with businesses and banks using various MS Word templates.When templates were finished they had to be printed.Half of the employees could print correctly and the other half had serious printing issues.All employees used terminal server and ran the templates from MS Office 2003.The employees that had trouble printing had MS Office 2007 installed locally.The employees that didn't have trouble printing had MS Office 2003 (or no MS Office at all) installed.There were two possible solutions for this client: Upgrade MS Office on terminal server.Downgrade all employees to MS Office 2003.There was a third choice, of course...since I had been tagged to solve the problem. We'll get to that solution in a moment. Because of the number of employees in the company, the cost of …