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Five tips for controlling your IT budget

For many IT organizations, the question these days is not whether to trim the budget, but how to do it so that it's least painful. Jack Wallen offers several suggestions. In our ever-fluctuating economy, one of the easy targets for a company is the IT budget. The computers are all running well, so why do we need to spend money to buy more? These are easy cuts to justify, and they seem inevitable. So the best thing for an IT department to do is to control their budget and keep it from getting out of hand. That is, of course, easier said than done. But not impossible. Here are a few things that may help. Will they all work for you? Probably not. But more than likely, at least one will help keep your budget off the radar of those with the axes. 1: Add some open sourceI realize for some this is not an option. But if you can entertain the possibility, injecting a bit of open source into the mix will enable you to retain more of your budget for other important needs. This approach could…