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Web security buyers' guide

Web interactivity increasingly relies on user- and third-party-generated content built on rich backend database systems, which are easily exploited. This has created a breeding ground for the distribution of malware-even among the most trusted and popular web sites and applications. This dramatic change in the nature of web threats has rendered traditional web filtering technology completely ineffective. Simply blocking access to sites that may host malware is no longer a viable solution - as that would now include each and every site on the net.With the web now a mission-critical tool in most organizations day-to-day activities, it's critical to equip yourself with a security solution that enables the users to be productive, while also providing the security essential to ensure a risk-free experience.Organizations looking for protection against modern web threats need a solution that demonstrates security attributes that combines powerful application, site and cont…

Green IT in Today's Environment

Green ITGreen IT in Today's EnvironmentWhy Green IT? Few topics are receiving as much interest it the IT
community these days as "Green IT." Being "eco-friendly" and embracing
"Green IT" policies is no longer an objective, it is an imperative.
Whether it is being discussed in the context of reducing the cost of
electricity by managing power consumption, or as a way to demonstrate a
commitment to environmental responsibility, almost every IT organization
has some efforts underway to be greener. Reducing carbon footprint,
controlling greenhouse gases and demonstrating environmental awareness,
when added to the pure financial benefits of saving money with power
management, adds up to a big win-win for any organization pursuing Green
IT.Cutting power consumption of PCs is one of the most obvious and common
ways of becoming greener. Power management provides direct savings in
utility expenditures that by itself justifies the effort. However, the
indirect result of r…