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Moving from SQL to NoSQL

Moving from SQL to NoSQLAre you thinking on moving your database from a SQL implementation to a
NoSQL one ?Sometimes when you decide to move to a different approach lots of doubts
pop out of your mind, there are a couple of actions that can make your
decision more solid and secure. I'll try to provide some tips that would
help you to choose the right NoSQL implementation.
When do you need to think about NoSQL ?Often web application start by being implemented on top of MySQL, the one
day your application got traction and performance issues start to be a
real pain due to high load of read/write queries on your system.At this point you have 2 choices: 1. "Shard" your data to partition it across several sites
2. Go for a licensed SQL DBMS or move to a NoSQL DBMSBasically, you need to scale with less amount of money spent possible.
Michael Stonebraker written a good article on this.NoSQL use cases 1. Massive data volumes
2. Extreme query load
3. Schema mutation (often call…

Data Center Audit

Data center audit or site review is one of mandatory activity during
IT audit process. But most of IS auditor forget key activity that
should be checked during the process. Here is simple audit checklist
to be used:1. Policies & Procedure
• Have computer center operating policies and procedures been written?
• Are they sufficiently descriptive in detail to guide the
organization and operation?
• Do data center personnel aware to the policies and procedures?
• Are they kept up-to-date?2. Personnel
• Are data control center personnel and operators' assignments rotated?
• Is an operating log maintained to record any significant events and
action taken by the operator?
• Is the operator log inspected daily by management?3. Incident handling
• Do the computer room operators know exactly what to do when the
different types of fire emergencies occur?
• Do the other personnel know exactly what to do when fire emergencies occur?4. Fire Alarm
• Are the fire alarm pull boxes and emergency power switches…

Idea Management Across the Organization Made Easy!

Common characteristics in an idea management system. A good one to start with - use an open source cms.
Blog post published by Jim Wilde on - Mar 3 2005 Every business development manager or chief innovation office needs to be asking this question: How do you coordinate activities and cultivate people to get more and better ideas to improve your business? While every organization should design its Idea Management processes according to its own needs, certain characteristics are common to all idea management systems. Open source CMS Idea Management System.
Ideas, big and small ones, are encouraged and welcomed.Submitting ideas is simple.A central repository or meeting place for ideas to be cultivated and exchanged.A vehicle to exlpore ideas from inside and outside the business.A method to track ideas.Evaluation of ideas is quick and effective.Feedback is timely, constructive, and informative.Implementation is rapid and smooth.Ideas are reviewed for additional …

Membuat koneksi VPN SSL dgn Draytek Vigor

Using SSL VPNsVPNs (Virtual Private Networks) enable you to link two remote computers or
networks securely using the public Internet. An encrypted tunnel is
created to carry your private data between the two sites. Tunnels making
use of PPTP, L2TP, AES and IPSec protocols have been available on Vigor
routers for many years and provide a simple to set up solution for your
site-to-site or teleworker VPNs. SSL VPNs provide a new method for
teleworker to central site VPN, providing great convenience, low TCO and
simplicity where other methods may not be possible.Note : SSL VPN is available on the DrayTek Vigor 2950 and VigorPro models.The need for SSL VPNsOne potential drawback of using the above methods for a
Teleworker-to-central site VPN is that they need compatiable protocol
stacks at each end (e.g. an IPSec client or hardware) and most importantly
those protocols need to be freely passed by your local host network. This
isn't normally a problem where you own the computers and the network in

10 things: Handicapping Gartner's top technologies for 2011

By Larry Dignan | October 19, 2010, 6:26am PDTGartner on Tuesday outlined its top 10 technologies for 2011 that will give technology execs the most bang for their budgets. How many of these technologies will be a true hit?Carl Claunch, an analyst at Gartner, said at the research firm's Symposium conference in Orlando that things like sustainability, data center overhauls and virtualization were dropped. Here's Gartner's 2011 list, why those technologies were chosen and a few observations.The new list:And the breakdown:1. Cloud computing: This group of technologies has been on the top 10 lists for a few years. Now everything as a service will alter business models and IT procurement. David Cearley, an analyst at Gartner, said what has changed is that there are multiple services. Companies will probably need cloud computing brokers. Things to watch:Where does the public cloud fit? IT is generally scared of the public cloud, but select workloads are fine.Beware cloud washing…