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Campus Spotlight: Rebuilding IT from the Ground Up

* By Bridget McCrea
* 11/04/10The first thing Bill Seretta did four years ago as American
International College's CIO was rip out all of the old cat-3 and coax
wires on campus and the equipment that relied on those wires. Then, he
replaced the Springfield, MA-based college's entire infrastructure
with state-of-the-art wireless options. After all, he said, if you
don't have a secure, reliable, high-speed core infrastructure, "you
can't do a thing.""This holds true in corporate America, in education, and everywhere,"
said Seretta. "A lot of organizations forget this fact and wind up
with poor infrastructure, ineffective networking security, and stuff
crashing all around them."Even worse, some opt to "layer" new equipment and software on top of
antiquated infrastructures. "That's a joke," said Seretta. "You can't
install student information systems, accounting solutions, and
emergency alert systems on top of an old inf…

NAVICAT - Beta Release Navicat Premium 9.1

We are glad to announce about the release of beta version of Navicat
Premium 9.1.** NOTE ** : If you have bought a license of Navicat 9.0, license keys of
Navicat 9.1 will be available to you for FREE on Nov 25. You can login to
customer center to retrieve the license key on that day.Major new features:
- Support of Microsoft SQL Server (2000 to 2008R2)
- Cross data transfer between SQL Server and other database servers
- Support of PostgreSQL Server 9.0
- Support of MySQL Server 5.5
- Enhanced user and role management
- New Privilege Manager
- Improved data synchronization performance with a new engine========================================================================
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TechRepublic: Four types of clients to avoid

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consultingWhen you meet with a potential client, you should think about more than just how to meet their project needs; you should also listen and watch for cues that will help you determine if you actually want to work for that client. So how can you spot a problem client? Let's face it - no client is going to tell you upfront that she has a hidden agenda or reveal that every consultant who worked for their company quits mid-project. I look for telltale signs from the four types of problem clients that I've encountered. Here are more details about those client types and the red flags to look for early on in negotiations. The bargain hunterYou don't want to do business with the client who is constantly trying to get free work. You can sometimes identify these clients in the sales process when they repeatedly try to get you to do significant amounts of work for free, or if they show irritation when you say that you charge for all but the first meeting with a clien…