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10 ways to keep hard drives from failing

10 ways to keep hard drives from failingPosted in:10 thingsHardware prices have dropped considerably over the last decade, but it's irresponsible not to care for the hardware installed on machines. This is especially true for hard drives. Hard drives are precious commodities that hold the data employees use to do their jobs, so they should be given the best of care. Inevitably, those drives will die. But you can take steps to prevent a premature hard disk death. Let's examine 10 such steps to care for the health of your drives. Note: This article is also available as a PDF download. 1: Run chkdskHard disks are eventually going to contain errors. These errors can come in the shape of physical problems, software issues, partition table issues, and more. The Windows chkdsk program will attempt to handle any problems, such as bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-linked files, and/or directory errors. These errors can quickly lead to an unbootable drive, which will lead to downtime fo…

Data center facilities equipment and design stats from Gartner conference

Posted by: Matt StansberryAt this week's Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, research VP
John Phelps asked users a series of questions about their data center
facilities technologies. Here are some of the stats:What type of data center fire suppression system do you have?-Water sprinkler only 21%
-Water plus clean agent 50%
-Clean agent only 21%
-Don't know 8%"For those of you with water-only systems, if those sprinklers go off you
will be in a world of hurt," Phelps said. "The goal of a sprinkler system
is to protect your building, a clean agent is supposed to protect your
equipment."If you use a clean agent for data center fire suppression, what type?-Halon 12%
-CO2 or inert gas 12%
-FM200 or other Fluoride based suppressant 64%
-Powered aerosol 1%
-Don't know 11%In which budget does data center power reside?-Facilities 62%
-Facilities but will probably move to IT 16%
-Budget has recently moved to IT 8%
-Always part of IT 12%
-Other 1%
-Don't know 6%Do yo…

Selamat kepada ACSC Banjarmasin

Selamat kepada ACER Service Center di Banjarmasin yang telah
mengimplementasikan sistem antrian multimedia finosMQS.Sistem antrian multimedia finosMQS terbukti sangat membantu untuk
mengukur kinerja layanan staf dan menentukan langkah terbaik bagi
manajemen untuk memberikan layanan terbaik dan terukur dari waktu ke
waktu. Produk finosMQS telah dipasarkan sejak tahun 2005 dan ACER
merupakan customer yang setia menggunakan produk ini.Kami senang melayani ACER.Kontak kami untuk keperluan sistem antrian multimedia di perusahaan /
tempat Anda.Fanky (08121057533)