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Selamat atas implementasi finosSQM

Selamat kepada BNI yang telah memilih finosSQM sebagai solusi sistem antrian multimedia di kantor cabang.Kami bangga melayani Anda.
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Sejarah Internet Indonesia

Mencari bahan sejarah Internet Indonesia,
bisa diakses di :,Fanky Christian

Ensuring an ERP implementation delivers

Now that we've examined how to evaluate your ERP readiness and how to
purchase the right system, let's look at the burdens of an ERP
implementation and the organization's responsibility in meeting them. At
the same time, let's consider how to maximize your organization's ability
to capture ERP's potential, boost your ROI and avoid common mistakes.Define the ERP implementation strategyEven with a perfect business survey and total understanding of the
enterprise, any organization faces formidable implementation challenges
regarding ERP. Any true IT leader has experience with other projects and
core implementations, and knows this: Not only is the human equation
involved (by virtue of changes in methods, practices and jobs), but all of
the organization's data, enterprise programs and systems also are up for
review and potentially radical change.As with any major business or IT change, define the ERP strategy in
advance. Avoid going into any aspect of ERP if the business …

Selamat kepada PT. TASPEN (Tbk)

Selamat kepada PT.Taspen (Tbk) yang telah memilih solusi Fusioncharts
untuk memaksimalkan visualisasi aplikasi dengan menggunakan XML/HTML5.Fusioncharts merupakan produk unggulan dari Infosoft Global Private Ltd,
berbasis di Hongkong dan India. Produk Fusioncharts merupakan salah satu
produk terbaik mereka yang banyak digunakan oleh banyak perusahaan,
instansi dan website personal untuk memvisualisasikan charts dengan cara
yang mudah dan elegan.Kami sebagai sole-reseller untuk Indonesia sangat bangga memiliki produk
unggulan ini, yang banyak membantu klien dan mitra untuk menghasilkan
report dan aplikasi yang baik.Silahkan pelajari produknya di www.fusioncharts.comHubungi kami untuk keperluan Fusioncharts Anda:Fanky Christian
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Zoho Targets the Enterprise With New Accounting, Telephony Functionality

Zoho has enhanced its CRM app with new accounting and telephony
functionality via integration with QuickBooks and several telephony
systems.Zoho CRM for QuickBooks and Zoho PhoneBridge -- which hooks into PBX
systems from Asterisk, Avaya, Elastix, and Trixbox -- each take about 20
to 30 minutes to download and configure, Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist,
told CRM Buyer.Zoho added the functionality in pursuit of its larger goal to expand its
reach into related CRM areas, such as order management and call tracking,
and embed itself deeply into the enterprise.Zoho CRM for QuickBooksConnecting Disparate Accounting, Customer DataAt bottom, the integration with QuickBooks -- specifically the on-premise
version of QuickBooks, not its online iteration -- is all about giving
Zoho customers a way to automate the financial data that is inevitably
generated from a sale or marketing contact, Vegesna said."Until now, a user would have to manually re-input the customer data that
results from the sale into th…