2010 Trends in Open Source Systems Management

Zenoss conducted surveys on systems management in 2006, 2007, 2008 and
2009 to determine systems management usage trends among IT
professionals who attended the USENIX Large Installation System
Administration (LISA) conference. These results have been compared
against data gathered from the Zenoss user community.

Here are some of the findings and observations of the survey for 2010:

* More than 50% of all respondents managed more than 100 devices
and defined their roles as Network Operations, Server Management or
* More than 98% of the survey respondents indicated usage of open
source in their enterprises
* More than 66% of Zenoss Community respondents indicate that they
prefer to use open source software whenever possible.
* The compelling factors for using open source according to the
Zenoss Community were Flexibility (73.9%) followed by Cost Savings
(71%) while 57.1 % of USENIX LISA respondents indicated Lower Cost
followed by Flexibility (52.4%) as the most popular drivers for open
source usage.
* 39.8% of Zenoss Community members indicate the economy as a
driver for increased usage of open source while 28.5% of USENIX LISA
participants indicate economic factors as effecting their decision to
investigate open source usage. Availability of Source Code was only a
consideration for 33.3% of USENIX LISA users and 30% of Zenoss Open
Source Community Users.
* The top priority for most organizations for 2010 was Monitoring
followed by Security, Patching and Provisioning and Configuration
* The most popular open source management tools for both groups of
survey respondents included Nagios, MRTG/RRDTool, Snort and Zenoss.

Your are welcome to download the the full survey results