Ayo Download Zend Server 5.1 and Zend Server Cluster Manager 5.1

Zend is pleased to announce the availability of Zend Server 5.1.0 and
Zend Server Cluster Manager 5.1.0, on Linux and Windows. These
releases include significant improvements to performance and
stability, as well as the following:

* PHP 5.2 packages upgraded to 5.2.17
* PHP 5.3 packages upgraded to 5.3.5
* Zend Framework packages upgraded to 1.11.3
* Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.0
* New Zend Server RESTful Web API
* Improvements to Zend Monitor
* Improvements to Zend Job Queue
* Security and other bug fixes

Download Zend Server 5.1 »

Download Zend Server Cluster Manager 5.1 »

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