Stunning looks

FusionCharts gives you the best-looking charts you have ever seen. The exciting animation gives a great first impression, and the modern designs with beautiful gradients keep that impression going.

Exciting animation for the great first impression

All the charts in FusionCharts are animated and have been known to bring the instant wow to everyone. Developers to management alike.

As stunning as they come

With the beautiful gradients, well-planned layouts and modern designs, the charts are the best looking ones you will ever see.

The charts don't just look good. They feel good too.

The charts are highly interactive with drill-down, tooltips, chart export and visual editing. Makes for an enjoyable reporting experience.

Charts in both 2D and 3D

Depending on your users' taste, you can either go glam with 3D charts or stay simple yet elegant with the 2D charts. Or add another dimension to it with the true 3D charts.

Charts with a brain of their own

The charts automatically find out the best position for numbers, captions and labels. Even when they are very short, very long or there are too many of them. Your charts are guaranteed to look good, every single time.

Use them anywhere and everywhere

Customize the look and feel of the charts the way you want. Use them in your reports, dashboards, analytics, surveys, monitors and polls. And more.

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