How to Manage Successful IT Projects

1. Set Realistic Schedules
Take risks and uncertainty into account, along with compliance needs, industry standards and organizational culture.

2. Know Your People
Understand differences in skillsets and capability levels among team members.

3. Plan Communications
Know when to update various stakeholders; choose formats, e.g., email, phone, meetings, website, etc.

4. Cut Yourself Some Slack
Project reasonable "project float" – the time a certain step can slip without risking deadline failure.

5. Inventory Accelerants
Know the tools available to help make deadlines: vendor incentives, overtime, outside contractor help, etc.

6. Four Keys To Risk Management

• Risk identification
• Qualitative/quantitative assessments
• Loss prevention/mitigation strategies
• Recovery/restoration plans.

7. Keep Yourself Current 
Schedule both "walk-through" reviews and "walk around" time for more informal catchups.

8. Run Efficient Meetings 
Invite only those who can contribute to a given meeting's objectives.

9. Chart Variances 
Record and monitor changes in scheduling, cost and scope.

10. Learn From Each Project
Document all problem-solving successes for future application.

To DCMS TEAM! Welcoming new project management system to use!