Memonitor Remote dengan MSP Center Plus

Monitor your Remote Systems with MSP Center Plus
MSP Center Plus
Monitoring remote systems is always a pain. It becomes worse when they are distributed across hundreds of locations worldwide. Deploying monitoring software at each of the location to monitor just one or two, or few tens of devices costs you more, and also laborious to manage. That’s why we at ManageEngine have come-up with a remote systems monitoring software to help you manage all your remote systems from your NOC.

Introducing MSP Center Plus, agent based remote systems monitoring software designed for Enterprises and MSPs managing highly distributed networks. MSP Center Plus empowers you to monitor up to 25000 remote Windows servers / desktops, network devices, ATM/POS devices, Kiosks, etc. irrespective of the location from a single console. MSP Center Plus provides in-depth visibility and control over your remote systems.

The major highlight of MSP Center Plus is its IT automation workflows. IT Workflows helps you automate Windows registry, configurations, services, processes, and file management. MSP Center Plus’ other features include:
  • IT automation workflows
  • Windows / Non-Windows Server monitoring
  • Router, Switch Monitoring
  • Interface / Port Monitoring
  • Exchange, SQL & Active Directory Monitoring
  • Remote Control
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • ITIL Help desk plug-in
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