SupportCenter versi 7.9 telah dirilis

Support Center Plus, aplikasi Call Center dari ManageEngine telah dirilis versi terbarunya, yaitu versi 7.9. Dengan versi ini, maka beberapa fitur tambahan dibawah ini telah semakin memperlengkap Support Center Plus sebagai aplikasi untuk Customer Support perusahaan Anda.

August 04, 2011
Timesheets The time entries attached to customer requests can be tracked collectively in one place. Timesheet tab allows you to quickly see how much time your support reps have spent working on requests.
Get a quick overview of your timesheet data filtered by date/month, Customer Account, Support Rep, date and with billed or unbilled status.
View the list results grouped by Account, Support Reps for easy access.
Configuring Group-level email addresses Apart from Business Unit-level mail configuration, Group-level mail configuration is available within the Business Unit. Configuring email addresses to the groups will automatically route mails to respective groups.
While replying the requests assigned to the group the From address will be the Reply-to address of that group.
Enhanced Contract Management
Enhanced Contract Management The contract enhancement helps you to create contracts for an account incorporating multiple products within the same time period. Establishment of Rate Types allows you to create contract with different cost for different hours. The Support Plan, Support Services, Service Level Agreement (SLA) are so flexible for creating support contracts.
Hours spent on request can be tracked and can be billed to the customers. Also renew your contract, get notifications on contract expiry, view contracts based on pre-filters and much
Prioritize requests, Color it!
Prioritize requests, Color it! Prioritize requests by adding colors to different priorities defined. It helps to classify and organize requests in an efficient manner.
To sort requests by priority, just click the label Priority in the header listing. The requests will get listed in the chosen order.
Organizing Tabs
Organizing Tabs You can show, hide and reorder tabs. This is available as preferences per user. Nine tabs maximum can be displayed horizontally along with the 'More' drop down button that shows the extra enabled tabs. This allows you to place the tabs in desired order as preferred.
Security Enhancements
Security Enhancements Strengthening your customer portal security from XSS attacks. More security features based on web app standards.

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