Solusi alternatif dari Tripwire dengan menggunakan CIMTRAK

Tripwire Alternative | CimTrak

Looking for an alternative to Tripwire?  Look no further than CimTrak. CimTrak is an industry  leader in integrity and compliance monitoring.  While it covers all of the same systems, devices and applications within your IT environment, CimTrak goes even further.  CimTrak offers more security features, is easier to configure and use, and costs less.  CimTrak is your Tripwire alternative!

So exactly how does CimTrak compare with Tripwire?  Take a look:

CimTrak Vs Tripwire Comparison Chart,Tripwire Alternative

Complete coverage for your IT environment

CimTrak is an alternative to Tripwire for monitoring a wide variety of systems, devices, and applications.  CimTrak supports all major operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, and UNIX.  In fact, CimTrak supports seven Windows versions and seven Linux versions, which is more than Tripwire.  CimTrak even monitors Mac OS X, which Tripwire does not offer coverage for.   Further, CimTrak can monitor network device configurations from all major manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper, HP, SonicWall and Fortinet.  In addition, CimTrak can monitor databases, desktops/workstations, point of sale systems and VMware ESX hosts.

Full-featured integrity monitoring at a price you’ll like

Monitoring the integrity and compliance of your IT environment need not break your budget.  Enterprises and government agencies of all sizes looking for a less costly alternative to Tripwire turn to CimTrak every day. 

The easiest to use integrity and compliance monitoring solution, period

CimTrak is built with ease-of-use in mind.  Solutions such as Tripwire can be extremely difficult to install, configure, and use.  This means that the total cost of ownership (TCO) far exceeds the initial purchase cost. 

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