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10 hot areas of expertise for IT specialists

By Debra Littlejohn Shinder | February 11, 2011, 1:45 PM PSTMy recent article 10 Ways to become an IT superstar generated a lot of feedback. Quite a few IT pros out there apparently want to increase their visibility (and paychecks). One thing that drew a lot of attention in the piece was the advice to specialize. Okay, readers replied, but what area should I specialize in? They wanted to know which subsets of skills are the easiest to master and/or which ones will deliver the most bang for the buck. So in this follow-up, I'll look at some of the IT specialties that are likely to be in demand in the near future.Note: This article is also available as a PDF download.1: To the cloudYou saw this one coming, didn't you? All the major technology companies seem to be "all in" with cloud computing — Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dell, CA Technologies, and more. According to recent surveys, at least 50% of organizations are already using some form of cloud computing, and Gartner…

Edukasi: Membuat server webcast

Sering ikut dalam webcast yang biasanya disediakan oleh Internet?
Pernah terpikir untuk membuatnya?Ternyata sangat mudah !1. download software BroadCam Streaming Video Server dan klik install.
( setelah aplikasi terpasang, ikuti setting untuk mengenali
input-input yang ada, seperti webcam3. kita perlu sedikit setup untuk koneksi agar bisa diakses dari
Internet. Kita bisa menggunakan IP yang disediakan oleh ISP, atau
menggunakan dynamic dns untuk pointing ke server/komputer kita.4. Kemudian setelah OK, klik Connect button dari main interface dan
sebuah web page akan terbuka di browser kita. Broadcam akan
menyediakan link-link dari broadband listereners, termasuk link URL /
HTML code yang bisa diakses.5. Setelah siap, kita juga bisa merekam melalui web camera yang ada.
Juga dapat mengundang orang lain (klik Invite).selamat mencoba.Untuk kebutuhan mengenai software NCH Software, kami siap membantu Anda.
Kontak kami untuk detail

TechRepublic: 10 tech trends to watch in 2011

What do IT shops really think about the cloud? Where will companies
invest this year? Which tech areas will become the next big vendor
battlegrounds? Technology evolves rapidly, and that evolution is
driven by the market, which means a new product or platform will be
successful only if the IT community fully recognizes and adopts it.
There is a lot of buzz right now over cloud services adoption,
platform vendor battles, and shifting technology investment
strategies, but, what happens in 2011 — and what doesn't — will be
determined by actual practices within the IT community.
In-the-trenches IT practitioners surveyed at Quest Software's The
Experts Conference 2010 have provided insights into technology trends
that appear likely to emerge this year. Here is a look at the top 10.Note: This article is also available as a PDF download.1: Cloud computing adoption will accelerate, but half of all companies
will avoid the cloud for at least five years
Adoption in cloud computing has lagged behind…

Mengenal ICT dalam Edukasi

Silahkan ikuti e-Learning yang disiapkan oleh UNESCO Bangkok ini,
sangat simple dan menarik, bahkan ada certificate nya.
UNESCO Bangkok with funding support from Japanese-Funds-In-Trust
(JFIT) has published an e-learning CD-ROM containing two modules.
* Module 1: ICT in Education Essentials: provides learners with
essential information about ICT in education and aims to promote
common understanding about the topic in the education sector.
* Module 2: ICT in Education Decision Making: helps learners to
consider the different factors involved in choosing the appropriate
technology to use in a particular education setting. The two modules
were especially designed for policymakers, educational planners,
school administrators, education specialist and educators, in general.
Both modules are lively, colorful and highly interactive. According to
one person's feedback: "I only planned to see a few screens to see how
it looks. Then I got hooked and ended up completing the two modules