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Yale Begins Move to to Google Apps

By David Nagel⁠04/19/11⁠

Yale University's Information Technology Services (ITS) department revealed Monday that the campus will formally move to Google Apps for Education, the free suite of online collaboration and communications tools, including hosted e-mail, calendars, video chat, and productivity software.

In a post in the Yale Daily Bulletin Monday, Chuck Powell, associate CIO for operations, support, and services within ITS, said the move is designed to benefit students with additional services and free up staff to handle projects that the internal ITS department is better suited to handle. He added that the move has taken security concerns into consideration, concerns that had been raised last year when hints of the move became public. "We have a contract with Google that we think takes good care of Yale's privacy and security," Powell said in the Bulletin post.

According to Powell, "Yale currently uses a combination of Linux IMAP servers and Microsoft …

Zend - Adobe Flash Builder

Announcing Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP
On April 11th, Zend and Adobe announced a new product: Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP. While it's not specific to the IBM i platform, it makes it easier than ever to add rich, interactive interfaces to any PHP application. If you want to create mobile applications that run natively on iOS/Android/Blackberry and connect to your IBM i server running PHP, this is the tool for you!

Learn more about Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP »
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Lowongan April 2011

Kami mencari karyawan:Application Support
- mengerti PHP/MySQL
- mengerti VisualBasic
- female diutamakan
- lokasi kerja: Jakarta Pusat
- fresh graduate welcomeKirim cv ke fanky@dayaciptamandiri.comKontak kami utk detail di 08121057533
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Why grounding is critical to data center uptime

by Tom Turner
Courtesy of Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine You can gain a competitive edge with your customers by understanding and then offering network grounding/bonding expertise. Data centers need to achieve unprecedented levels of uptime to keep pace with modern business demands To achieve these uptime goals, data center managers are paying increased attention to facility infrastructure issues, including the network grounding system. If you're a contractor, understanding network grounding can give you a competitive edge by advising your customers on how to improve network availability. Proper grounding of data center equipment, often called network grounding or the data center grounding infrastructure, is defined by TIA/EIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, and goes beyond the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) to protect equipment and improve system reliability. Grounding by tierTIA-942 has adopted the tier defin…