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Five remote support mistakes that make end-users hate IT

By Bill Detwiler | April 15, 2010, 12:43 PM PDT
Organizations with lots of remote locations, like large retail chains, usually have IT departments that specialize in supporting remote offices. On the other hand, companies that have recently eliminated all the IT staff at their satellite offices and centralized IT support at the main corporate office, often lack the institutional knowledge and IT structure necessary to adequately support these newly, IT-less locations.
If not properly supported, end users in these locations may feel like they've been left to the wolves and grow to resent central IT. Worse, productivity can suffer if problems aren't promptly and successfully resolved. Let me illustrate my point with a situation I recently witnessed.
How many physical locations within your organization lack permanent IT support staff?
None - All locations have permanent IT support staff.
1 to 25 percent of locations
26 to 50 percent of locations
51 to 75 percent of locatio…