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Dell's Force10 acquisition spawns another data center network strategy

ReprintsShamus McGillicuddy, News Editor
Published: 21 Jul 2011Server vendor Dell announced plans to acquire data center network specialist Force10 Networks and outlined a converged infrastructure strategy that will take on the likes of Cisco Systems and HP.Although Dell has a line of low-cost PowerConnect switches and sells enterprise class switches through OEM agreements with Brocade and Juniper Networks, enterprises typically turn to Dell for servers.The company has worked to change that by building a larger architectural strategy based on acquisitions of storage vendors like Compellent and services companies like Perot Systems. But selling a third-party vendor's network gear as part of an integrated, converged infrastructure solution just wasn't compelling enough, given the integration of networking and server technologies that Cisco and HP have done with their Unified Computing System (UCS) and Virtual Connect technologies, respectively."When you look at Intel buying …

Monitor dengan CimTrak

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