PRTG 9.2 is Out Now!

PRTG 9.2 is Out Now!

Monitor Your vSphere 5 Systems

We're proud to introduce PRTG version 9.2. Since the last release in December we applied more than 400 changes to our software to make it even easier for you to monitor your network. We will show you the best of the new features here.

VMware 5 and New Time Sensor

PRTG's VMware sensors now support vSphere 5, so you can now monitor ESX(i) 5 hosts, virtual machines, and vCenter 5. Virtual machines that are located within vApps can now be monitored, as well. We also added a new "WMI UTC Time Sensor" which can measure the time difference between a Windows target machine and the PRTG system time, so you can be alerted if a client is on the wrong time.

Ajax Web Interface Enhancements

Probably the most obvious changes can be found in the web interface. We again optimized its speed and added official support for two new tree views: "sunburst" and "treeMap." Both allow to view the status of all sensors of your installation, in one single overview.

The "breadcrumbs" became more interactive for easier navigation between the different objects.
Under the "Management" tab you can now use multi-edit to change objects' properties, and in the reports' manual sensor selection, you can now add sensors via drag&drop, as known from the "Management" tab.

New Mobile Web GUI

We also changed the "Mini HTML" interface which has been optimized for mobile access to your PRTG installation from your smart phone or tablet. We now call it "Mobile Web GUI" and it has been entirely rewritten based on jQuery Mobile 1.0. Now supporting all major mobile operating systems and browsers, it is also optimized for touch screen use. This, by the way, also smartens up the appearance of the PRTG interface embedded in the "PRTGdroid" app.

Reliable Full Web Page Monitoring

There is also good news for all of those who always wanted to get rid of Internet Explorer: PRTG can now monitor the loading time of entire web pages with its "HTTP Full Web Page Sensor" using the "WebKit" Chromium engine, so you do not necessarily need Internet Explorer installed on your Probe system(s) any more.

...And More—Download Today!

There are a lot of other enhancements, such as added "viewpoint" functionality in the Enterprise Console, which enables you to navigate back and forth among the views, as known from your browser's history function.
Get the latest version of PRTG now! The easiest way is using the auto-update function: In your PRTG installation, from the main menu, select "Setup | Software Auto-Update."
Visit the PRTG Version History for more details about all the changes we packed into the new version.
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