AKCP memperkenal SecurityProbe 5ESV Series

Introducing the securityProbe 5ESV Series

AKCP is pleased to announce the new range of video enabled securityProbe units; the securityProbe 5ESV Series.

securityProbe5ESVThe securityProbe 5ESV is available in X20 and X60 variants and includes all the great features of the existing securityProbe 5E but with some important modifications to the video.
The securityProbe 5ESV will support a maximum of four High Definition Digital IR Cameras. This replaces the BNC / Coaxial ports on the rear of the unit and provides a true digital image with clarity never seen before on the securityProbe series.

The securityProbe Series :

securityProbe 5ES
securityProbe 5ESV
securityProbe 5E (EOL)
Dry Contacts X20 or X60 X20 or X60 X20 or X60
Intelligent Sensors 8 8 8
High Definition Digital IR Cameras No 4 No
Expansion Ports 4 2 4
Enhanced EMI Shielding Yes Yes Yes
Connect GSM / GPRS Modem Yes Yes Yes
External Microphone Yes Yes Yes
External Speaker Yes Yes Yes
Expansion Modules Yes Yes Yes
On-Board Flash Memory Yes Yes No
Analog Camera Connectivity No No 4

Please Note

3rd Party Cameras are not compatible with the SEC5ESV, X20, X60 or Door Control Unit.
All units in the SEC5ESV and SEC5E Series include rack mount brackets and a single port temperature and humidity with free 5 feet cable (THS00).
For installations which require integration with 3rd Party Camera systems please contact AKCP. AKCP is committed to supporting 3rd Party IP Cameras.