What is a paperless office?

A "paperless office" is an office that has got rid of all forms of paper by converting them into digital documents. A scanner and electronic Document Management Software (DMS) are the main components required to make your office a paperless office.

A scanner captures and converts paper documents into electronic formats that can be managed and retrieved using document management software.

Although the goal of a paperless office might be difficult to achieve, document management software systems make it easy for an organization to quickly move to a "less paper" system of working.

Benefits of a paperless office software

Why go paperless? As you gradually switch to a paperless office, converting all documents to digital formats, your organization benefits in several ways:
  1. Save space for better use
    Capturing paper documents and storing them electronically saves usable office space so you can make better use of expensive office real estate. Sometimes, it may also be possible to eliminate costs of warehousing completely.
  2. Improved security
    Provides increased security for the information as users need to be authenticated to the DMS and sometimes even require special permission to access the information.
  3. Disaster recovery
    Safeguards against disasters as it is far easier to make multiple backups of the entire digital library than to make copies of paper based documents that would again create a storage problem.
  4. Remote access
    Some DMS solutions offer remote access to your important documents and information.
  5. Help with compliance
    Some industries are required to use systems that help keep their records transparent before government authorities and the public. Document management systems make it easy to comply with requirements of laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in the financial sector and HIPAA in the medical field.
  6. Environmental benefits
    Reduced usage of and dependency on paper results in fewer trees being chopped down and a decrease in pollution levels in the atmosphere.

How do I make my office paperless?

As discussed above, you can move toward a paperless office by getting a scanner and electronic document management software. A DMS with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an added advantage. A powerful Document management software solution helps you capture, create, file, search and retrieve documents; it also helps you in filing, securing, archiving and distributing the documents; and in designing and managing workflows.

Globodox and Sohodox come equipped with basic document management features including OCR. Globodox is an enterprise document management software solution that comes with advanced security features as well as support for high-end databases.

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