Draytek mendukung tren BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) dengan VigorAP 800

 DrayTek Enhances Wi-Fi Networks for Today’s BYOD Trend by the VigorAP 800
HSINCHU, Taiwan DrayTek Corp. (TSE:6216), a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, today proudly introduces the VigorAP 800, a standalone 802.11n wireless access point to meet today’s business need. Many business professionals now use their own laptops/tablets and/or other mobile handsets for both personal and work purposes due to the recent Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Plus, carriers gradually stop offering unlimited 3G or 4G data plan; hence, employees require the sufficient Wi-Fi network to allow their mobile devices to stay connected. For this reason, the IT Dept of the organization would need the device to not only offer the wireless connectivity but also the robust security features for the policy enforcement. The DrayTek VigorAP 800 extends the wireless coverage and gives the advanced security control meet the demand of IT.

Highlights of VigorAP 800
The VigorAP 800 adds wireless connectivity to an existing LAN, or for extending the range of an existing wireless LAN by using the WDS/Bridge, Repeater features. In addition to the extending coverage, Wi-Fi Multimedia standard (WMM) does Quality-of-Service (QoS) in Wi-Fi networks to prioritize traffics. When there are multiple concurrent applications (e.g. audio, video and voice), compete for network resources, the network administrator can assign different latency and throughput requirements to optimize the performance. The VigorAP 800 can be dual band upgradable (2.4G/5G band simultaneously) while adding the Vigor N65 USB Wireless Adopter. You can reserve the less interference 5G band to some essential devices to deliver high performance Wi-Fi networks.
Another concern for IT staff is the security. BYOD contributes many unmanaged devices existed in the corporate network. IT Dept needs an efficient way to enforce the policies to prevent the unauthorized devices accessing the corporate Wi-Fi network. The VigorAP 800 features multiple levels of wireless security with encryption using WEP/WPA/WPA2 for authentication. It also implements the access control list (ACL) to specify clients’ devices based on MAC hardware address, which are permitted to connect. Any unauthorized hardware is refused access. This way IT turns those unmanaged devices under control. When any authorized device reported lost, IT just removes its MAC address from ACL and keeps the security of the corporate Wi-Fi networks. The VigorAP 800 further gives the advance user authentication. Network administrator can activate 802.1x RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service) to centrally manage and store user names and passwords either within the VigorAP 800 setup itself or on an external RADIUS server.
For visitors/guests, IT needs to offer open Wi-Fi connection but not affect the corporate area. VigorAP 800 has two completely independent LANs: one is LANA (4 ports) and another is LANB (1 port). You can assign the separated Wireless SSID to each LAN and they remain separated even on the Wireless LAN. It is similar to have two different access points which is ideal way to divide public and private networks. For example, IT Dept makes one SSID (e.g. Guest 1) belonging to LANB as Open Wi-Fi without enabling the authentication and ACL control. Visitors and guests can all get wireless connectivity through Guest 1 but have no chance to cause the confidential leakage.

About DrayTek
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