Manajemen TI perlu tools dan pendekatan terbaru, gunakan IT360

Executive Summary

Managing today’s dynamic IT environment requires updated tools and an updated approach. ManageEngine is pleased to bring to you an E-book that explores the challenges facing businesses today and discusses how you can effectively manage in a Real-time IT environment. Included in this white paper is a Gartner research article on augmenting application performance monitoring.

E-book Highlights:

  • What is Real-time IT?: Today’s IT infrastructure is more dynamic and elastic than ever before. What are its challenges? How can you meet them most effectively?.
  • Helping IT operate at the new speed of business: For Real time IT management, the old focus on component monitoring needs to evolve into a focus on real-time applications monitoring. This requires an integrated view and integrated tools. ManageEngine IT360 combines the best of application performance and end-user-experience monitoring in a single pane of glass that enables integrated Real-time IT management.
  • Gaining deep insights into the end-user quality of experience: The ability to monitor the user experience of cloud-based services–and to be able to take action when that experience changes–is critical in today’s dynamic IT environment. The Real-time IT tools from ManageEngine can help organizations ensure the best possible user experience.
  • Gartner on Augmenting APM with Conventional Monitoring: How do you gain a complete picture of an application’s performance? Gartner explores the kinds of tools and approaches that today’s organizations need and offers recommendations for gaining actionable insight.

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