REDSTONE, IT Service Provider yang mengganti HP Openview dengan IT360


Global competition, shrinking IT budgets, ever-changing IT-business landscape and daunting complexity for IT monitoring and management. These are just a few of the problems Managed Service Providers (MSP) are facing today. UK-based Redstone is no different. As a leading network-based end-to-end managed services, infrastructure and technology provider it is responsible for the IT infrastructure of many of the country’s leading organizations, and it is not an easy task says Larry Dutton, Product Manager for Redstone’s managed services.

Overcoming operational challenges

"With our heterogeneous IT environment, it gets more and more difficult to manage our infrastructure, and this is made even more complex because multiple IT management tools are often required to monitor and control disparate yet interdependent elements” - Dutton.
Redstone provides a variety of managed services to meet the requirements of their clients. With such variety in Redstone’s offerings, it becomes difficult for the operations team to manage internal and external clients. Today’s customer is more demanding due to the following reasons:
  • Fear of IT outages and increasing dependency on IT for business
  • Paradigm shift in the way end users perceive and value IT products and services
  • Shrinking CAPEX budget
“Gone are the days when IT used to be easy with only a few resources to monitor,” said Dutton.
“We were using HP OpenView for a long time, but it just doesn’t fit into the current business landscape of exploding IT needs. It was bulky and complex, and we always had to depend on consultants and technical experts to re-configure it to keep up with constantly changing IT. It was increasingly becoming time consuming and expensive for us.”

ManageEngine Solution

It was clear during the evaluation discussion that Redstone would need an integrated view of the entire IT landscape to offer a best-of-breed MSP service. Dutton and the Redstone team determined that ManageEngine IT360 was the best fit for their needs for an integrated, easy-to-use web-based tool that eliminates the need to:
  • Install and manage multiple tool portals
  • Depend on experts to troubleshoot issues
  • Reduce margins to expand business
“The two best things I like about ManageEngine IT360 are the centralized dashboard feature where I can check the status of all customers’ infrastructure and alarms, and secondly the simplified web-based GUI,” said Dutton.
“It took us just a few weeks to get IT360 up and running. Even during the evaluation phase we knew that going with ManageEngine was a better choice than an alternative solution that we were evaluating in parallel.”

The ManageEngine Advantage

ManageEngine IT360 is designed from ground-up specifically for the purpose of integrated IT management, which is not the case with other vendors’ so-called integrated management products that were developed from acquired assets or cobbled together from piecemeal components. IT360 delivers advantages including:
  • Integrated console for operations and service management
  • Quickly and easily roll-out requested features and fix issues
  • Dedicated edition with MSP-specific features and enhancements
  • Affordability and ease of use
“Today, we are managing many customers’ infrastructure using IT360,” said Dutton. “We are experts in IT, and customers expect us to bring innovation and best practice to them proactively. With ManageEngine we have brought them a system that is relevant to their business requirements now and in the future.
“With more problems solved faster, we can also devote more time to growing our client base. The ManageEngine team and support have been brilliant; initially there were few synching issues but once things got in place, we have been just upgrading and renewing the license,” - Dutton concludes.