AKCP untuk monitoring Fuel Level

Advanced Fuel Level Monitoring & Solutions

Ultrasonic Fuel Level SensorReliably track and monitor all of your fuel usage to avoid waste, theft, and expensive out-of-fuel shutdowns.
AKCP’s Remote Fuel Monitoring solution uses our new high definition digital camera software technology to accurately identify and monitor your personnel.  Find out the specifics of who accessed your fuel or fuel consuming equipment, when and for how long.
Fuel Level Sensor Gauge
Receive exact readings on how much fuel was used
during any customizable time frame.
Security is further enhanced with camera settings that can be customized to record parameters and notifications to your preferences. Parameters can be tailored for different scenarios that may include selected times, sensor events, or 24 hours a day.
Rate of Change / Theft Detection
The Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor comes equipped with advanced rate of change detection that measures the level rate in a percentage from 1% to 50% over a period of time from 1 to 20 minutes.
By linking this sensor alert to a notification you can get an SMS, E-Mail, SNMP Alert instantly. This feature is designed for our Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor to prevent theft of fuel or be alerted to leaks in storage tanks.
This feature is replicated in the AKCess Pro Server where many more notifications types are offered so that you can alert and protect your valuable assets.

Remote Fuel Tank
AKCP Remote Fuel Monitoring is easily incorporated with your existing AKCP Systems and is compatible with petrol, diesel, oil, fresh water, grey water, and black water systems.

AKCP has added a new video to our Ultra Sonic Fuel Level Sensor page further detailing use of the UFLS solution.  Watch the video now at http://www.akcp.com/products/intelligent-sensors/specialized/fuelLevel-Sensor.html